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Neutral except when I have to park it on a hill. Just the kickstand isn't enough sometimes.

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I am going to boycott SX for the rest of the year if JBone doesn't drop at least one Frezno Smooth line on the broadcast.

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I lived in an apartment for about a year after breaking up with my last girlfriend but prior to buying another house. I rebuilt/restored a minibike inside my apartment, and all of my tools, supplies and fullsize bikes were in a storage unit 2 miles away. ... more »

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Nice HPM 100's, Jeff! I've got 2 complete-ish hi fi systems at this point. Main system in the living room is a McIntosh MA252 and Technics SL1200G connected to Pioneer HPM 100's. I keep thinking about upgrading them to the new JBL L100 Century reissues ... more »

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I really, really liked it and the editing/filmography is amazing, but I'll also say *most* of that riding would be a random Tuesday for Travis Pastrana back in the mid 2000's. I also can't ride like that, and I'll see myself out. lol

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I work for an auto manufacturer, and we're all encouraged to submit patent ideas. I just had my first one go through this month, was about a 3 year process from submission (I believe it was filed in 4 different countries). I have no idea how much it ... more »

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Depends on the model year. I think the switch was replaced with the sensor in 2015. I know without a doubt the 2017-up trucks have a sensor. If you have forescan, does it have any codes besides the low fuel pressure code? It’ll set a code for the high ... more »

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The 6.7’s have either an on/off switch or a real pressure sensor near the secondary filter on the engine, depending on the model year. 15-up got the pressure sensor if I remember right. Everything sounds like it is low on supply pressure. How bad were ... more »

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Dimblewombie posted a pic of my order to a T. The fries themselves are okay, but they're next level animal style. The burger also is top notch with the chopped chilies. I travel to In-N-Out country once or twice per year for work and always stop at least ... more »

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I don't have the attention span for 3+ hours of podcasts, and when I'm on longer road trips I prefer music over podcasts. But... DMXS has gotten the most listening time out of me. They are the funniest and most personable, and I enjoy their interview ... more »

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It's just a guard used to prevent Eli's massive balls from getting caught in the radiator when he is on a beast mode ride. Nothing to see here.

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Drummond is awesome. Was just there before Labor Day, was driving a friend's mildly built Dodge Durango and a turbo RZR. I brought my CRF70 and took that on a few different trails though, I love it up there.

Edit: this also ... more »
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I don't have pictures of all of mine together because they are in 4 different locations and 2 different states right now. lol Current fleet: -1969 Lil Indian Sabre (fully restored, used for minibike racing in Milwaukee and random burnouts in bars) -1974 ... more »

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Evart is all dirt/hardpack with one small ridiculous rock section. I rode it and liked it but it's all slow speed, technical stuff. Ogemaw is a decent suggestion, but only the ... more »

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Thanks, that is really helpful! Do the desert racer people have any other stuff on their RZR's to help with the temp? I've tried telling my buddy he needs to slow down occasionally but it'll spend about 90% of it's time at full throttle, lol

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Do you ever go to Silver Lake in Michigan? It's now overridden with them, my friend has an XP turbo and I've driven it out there. It is an absolute riot, but with the way he drives it he'll go through 2 belts in one weekend. We finally put a belt temp ... more »

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I work for an automobile manufacturer and we are self insured. The truck in question was a preproduction test car. Prototype vehicles are typically worth much more than a production vehicle so we had no choice but to fix it. We repaired it ourselves. ... more »

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One of our trucks got struck by lightning while sitting in a parking lot. It went through the antenna, fried the radio antenna cable where it went through the fender, and took out something like 26 electronic modules inside the truck. The paint was burnt ... more »

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Nothing wrong with those temperatures, under load/trailer tow it is normal for oil to run warmer than coolant, and on long grades it is common to get above your normal thermostat opening temperature. Most cars/trucks go into failsafe/limp home cooling ... more »