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Most car dealers work the same way, the inventory is financed, not owned outright. And honestly it doesn't make sense to own it- if you had 20 million dollars lying around, you could make more of a return on it investing it elsewhere, and that will more ... more »

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A Dave's just opened up here in Dearborn, Michigan. A+, would fry that chicken again. I like Canes over Chick Fil A but Dave's is in another zip code compared to both of them.

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Second the recommendations for Evart, it's really great singletrack. There are also the Tomahawk A, B and C loops in Wolverine. Also tons of opportunities if you head east to the Appalacians, that's also about a 5 hour drive for you.

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Random: I rode the Tail of the Dragon this past week on my WR250X and passed this:

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I don't think I'd put one on my MX helmet but for the street I use a Sena 10S. It has speakers that are velcro'd into the helmet along with a microphone (if you need that functionality). You can control volume and skip forward/back on the unit that mounts ... more »

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I've done flywheel weights and throttle tamers before. I didn't notice as much of a difference from the flywheel weight but a throttle tamer with a slow cam in it definitely calmed the bikes I've had down.

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Update: I purchased the Contis before Crash posted that the Michelins were better everywhere. Oops. I'll definitely try the Michelins the next time it needs tires. So far I've been happy with the TKC70's though, they're lightyears better on dirt/gravel

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I think Stevie Fast used to race motocross too.

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Thank you! Looks like Continental just came out with a TCK70 Rocks rear tire that is halfway between a regular 70 and an 80, maybe I'll try that. I do ride it in a spirited manner on the street so the 8 might be a tad too squirmy. Were the Michelins ... more »

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Zesiger, that's an awesome Fox! And it is super rare still having a Ford motor in it, lol. Who drives it, and do you go to to places like the Yellowbullet Nationals or Duck's races with it? I was at a track rental on Tuesday at Martin with 2 of my friend's

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Kind of an odd one, but I have a Yamaha WR250X supermoto. It's got traditional supermoto 17's front and rear, the stock sizes are a little odd. If I go up 10mm in width I can run a 120/70/17 front and 150/70/17 in the back which opens up a bunch of options

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I agree with this. I'll only go to events when I know the people racing or help out with their cars, otherwise I can take it or leave it. The grudge and no prep stuff is fun, but bracket racing and any of the super/index class cars are about as exciting

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Thanks! Yep, they are the polished Torq Thrusts. Since that post I raced it in Roadkill Nights (legal street racing here in Detroit) and also took it to Norwalk a couple Fridays ago. It's running okay for a tank of a car, went 12.46 @ 108. Going to try

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Agreed, this is the funniest thing I've read on Vital all year.

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If it knocks a little on warm restarts it might need higher octane fuel, but the behavior you're describing is totally normal. One of the standard cooling system tests for OEM's is to get a vehicle super hot at max trailer load, then shut it off and ... more »

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I love the smell so much I bought a Klotz 2 stroke scented candle for the living room!

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Is that the one being K-swapped? I'd do a GT350 motor in one of those, to at least give it some kind of flat plane exhaust note! My current project is a '68 Plymouth Fury with an old school built mechanical cam 440 in it, reverse pattern manual valve

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I had an '01 for a few years that had some port work, a PWK carb, pipe and silencer. It was fast and fun in a straight line, and really shined at the dunes. I was never comfortable enough on it for trail riding though. I sold it and then shortly after ... more »

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Neutral except when I have to park it on a hill. Just the kickstand isn't enough sometimes.