View From The Floor: Chaos Reigns 4

If you were left shaking your head after the main events in San Diego, you weren't alone.

View From The Floor: Chaos Reigns

Supercross in San Diego? That's always a good time. We'll admit, this year was a little odd, in that it's traditionally a Military Appreciation weekend. Most of the teams prepped for it, even though it wasn't officially on the calendar. Gear companies did up special gear and butt patches. Goggle companies like Scott made up special colors and designs. All of that takes months to prep. The only hitch? It wasn't an officially sanctioned thing. No demo races with service members. No intros where riders got to high five service members. We know last year some folks on our forum claimed that Feld was getting paid to do this (which is something the Feld crew flatly denied). We hope it comes back in an official capacity. but in the meantime, we'll have to settle for Monster girls (like Kelly here), with flamethrowers.

With Davi Millsaps' retirement announcement last weekend, it was cool to see him get to make a lap around the field before the action started, and he looked happy and relaxed during pre-race interviews. We will miss him on the track, though.

When we talked to Chad Reed before the weekend, he said he was starting to feel more like his usual self, even though it hadn't shown in the results yet. He was definitely friskier this weekend, and got to rub elbows with some of the leaders in both the heat race and main event. We're looking for more improvement throughout the season.

Ah, yeah...these guys. We're not sure if that was a Cooper Webb vs. Ken Roczen grudge match in the main event, but it sure looked like Kenny let his emotions get the best of him...and that's not something we're used to seeing. Given that his hand got sucked between the wheel and the swingarm, and how his head got jerked when his helmet hit Webb's back tire, his injuries aren't nearly what they could have been, but we're still waiting to hear what the outcome of his doctor visit.

Speaking of Justin Bogle, get well soon. Seeing him get landed on was tough to watch, and reminded us of Trey Canard's crash at Dodger Stadium. A broken humerus was the big injury here. Justin Hill is already interested in riding a 450 while the 250 West moves to the backburner for the next few weeks. Talking with the Autotrader/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing crew, that's a definite possibility...though not likely in Dallas.

Cooper Webb gets props for his heat race. He was out front and leading when the race got red-flagged due to Justin Bogle getting landed on. He looked a little frustrated on the starting line before the restart, but he came back with another good start, passed his way into the lead, and grabbed a heat race win. That's a positive step forward.

Waiting on the signal to throw the board sideways.

Here was our view as the riders exited the first turn. It was fairly obvious from this view of a disrupted pack (along with the crowd noise) that there'd been some mayhem in the first turn. With contact between Anderson and Roczen, which led to both Roczen and Tomac hitting the desk (along with Weston Peick, Malcolm Stewart, and Josh Grant) that was a lot of mayhem.

For those wondering why Eli Tomac dropped out, it was a combo of throttle problems and a ripped grip, which you can see him wrestling with here. He'll be back for the battle in Dallas.

We're looking forward to seeing Cole Seely seal the deal on a race this year. He got the jump on the pack Saturday night, but ended up in fourth spot by the finish.

Vince Friese scored a tenth in the main on Saturday night, which he and the Smartop MotoConcepts Racing crew were very stoked on. You can listen to a post-race chat with him below.

Click start below to listen to some post-race audio from Vince Friese.

There was a little beating and banging between Cole and Blake Baggett for the final podium spot, which Blake claimed. Blake looks like a different guy the past couple races, as he's much faster and more aggressive. He was having fun in the press conference, firing some verbal jabs in the direction of Jason Anderson and Marvin Musquin.

With some good luck, speed, and the chaos on the track Saturday night, Jason Anderson now enjoys a 28-point lead after six rounds. Is this season over? We wouldn't count on it.

Adam Cianciarulo downing a pre-race gel for some extra energy. He's missed out on wins so far this season, but he's oh-so-close.

The 250s head for the first turn.

Aaron Plessinger was wounded after a main event crash, but he kept it together to finish and maintain the 250 West points lead. He has a five-point advantage as they get a few weeks of rest. Kyle Chisholm (to the inside of Aaron) will spend some time on a 450 during the East races.

Joey Savatgy had a rough San Diego, with a practice crash that got even worse when a course worker tried picking up his bike (which was still running) and grabbing a handful of throttle in the process. That resulted in the bike getting traction on Joey's torso and arm. We saw his hand in the pits, and it was pretty swollen and beat up. He skipped one of the practices to get ready for the night's action, and came back to holeshot the main, and finish in fourth. Now he's got some time to rest and heal up for Indy, when the 250s will do their first mid-season East/West Shootout.

Chase Sexton getting a little sideways through the whoops, but he moved up to grab third in San Diego. He's currently fifth in the 250 West standings.

Justin Hill chased down Adam Cianciarulo for the lead in the main, and turned his season around in a big way. While he struggled with suspension in the early rounds, he's definitely figured it out now, and looked like the guy who won the 250 West title last season.

Shaka, brah.

Was Justin pumped with his return to the top of the podium? Oh yeah.

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