Supercross Flashback: Lucky 13

Last week we peeked at the regularly-scheduled history of Detroit over the years. From here on out, we'll revisit the corresponding week in the series, no matter where they bounce around to. This week? Lucky round 13.

Supercross Flashback: Lucky 13

2019 - Houston

Contact between Marvin Musquin and Cooper Webb in the first moto had everyone buzzing. Cooper took the overall on the night with a 2-1-3 score.

Ken Roczen won the first moto of the night, but a first-turn crash (and dinged foot) in the second moto hurt his overall.

Marvin Musquin bounced back with a win in the final of the three motos.

Adam Cianciarulo took the first moto of the 250 Triple Crown, and downed a gel pack before heading for the podium. Unfortunately an off-track excursion in the second main hurt his overall for the night.

Dylan Ferrandis (right) and Colt Nichols were first and third on the podium, respectively. Dylan had a 2-1-2 score, and Colt had a 5-4-1.

2018 - Seattle

How about that Monster Energy/Yamaha Factory Racing aluminum tank? Josh Hill was filling in Yamaha for this one.

The good news? Chad Reed had a sweet blacked out gear set for the weekend...

...which matched up nicely with his blacked-out Husky. The bad news? It was Seattle.

Hmm...maybe we can blame Dean Wilson's butt patch. Or maybe...Seattle.

Mitchell Oldenburg got the night off to a good start in his 250 heat race, but he was also among the first to discover how sloppy the conditions were.

Starts were a huge factor all night long. In the 250 main event, Aaron Plessinger got the jump, and he held on for the win.

How do you celebrate a win in the mud? How about a headfirst dive into a pond alongside the track?

This race marked Broc Tickle's last appearance for a while, and also his last race for Red Bull KTM. It was also his best race of the '18 season, with a fourth-place finish. Shortly after this, he was notified by the FIM of his failed drug test, and he was sidelined until February of this year.

The Seattle 450 winner? Eli Tomac, who did a masterful job of slithering around what was left of the track.

Chad Reed did everything he could to get over the finish line in Seattle, but his clutch plates were pretty well toasted at that point. No matter, he still finished seventh.

2017 - St. Louis

The track map that photographers and teams were issued was a mirror image of what it actually turned out to be. Originally, there were three tracks that season with right-hand first turns. After listening to feedback from the riders, all three were flopped to make left-hand turns instead.

That's a lot of champs (and championships). From left to right, it's Johnny O'Mara, Chad Reed, Ricky Carmichael, Jeff Emig, and Jeff Ward.

Eli Tomac had some new Alpinestars camo gear for the weekend.

This might have been one of the first times out for an eagle graphic on the back of his helmet.

Here's an overview of five bad dudes from opening ceremonies. From left to right, it's Chad Reed, Cole Seely, Marvin Musquin, Eli Tomac, and Ryan Dungey.

St. Louis is one of the few stadiums that afford the opportunity to get an overhead view...something that we like to take advantage of during opening ceremonies and an early heat race or two. It makes for a unique view, and one that paid off on this shot of Chad Reed.

Jordon Smith and Zach Osborne dueling through the whoops in their heat race.

Jordon Smith (with his mechanic Kristian Ortiz) took the 250 main event win.

In the 450s? Ryan Dungey scored the holeshot, with Eli Tomac alongside. Eli made a quick move in the second turn to jump out front and continue on to the win.

2016 - Indianapolis

Send it!

This race was a chilly one, so everything from tire to suspension warmers were in use.

Here's a custom lid for the pigskin fans.

Indy's home to all sorts of race teams, and this Top Fuel car of Brittany Force's was on display. She also did an honorary role with the 30-second board before one of the heats.

Retro weekend? Sure! here's Chad Reed's bike for the weekend. Actually all the Yamaha teams went yellow and black for Indy.

Jake Weimer grabbed the start in this heat, over his RCH Soaring Eagle/Jimmy Johns/Suzuki Factory Racing teammate, Ken Roczen; Chad Reed (Monster Energy/360fly/Chaparral/Yamaha Factory Racing), and Justin Bogle (GEICO Honda).

With his win, Plessinger was now ten points behind Malcolm Stewart in the 250 East title chase, and maybe the only rider left with a reasonable chance of catching him.

Mike Alessi grabbed the holeshot in the 450 main event, but Ryan Dungey quickly got by. Ken Roczen was the man on the move behind them, and he quickly moved to second.

Ryan Dungey took the win, followed by Roczen. It was a gnarly effort by both, on one of the nastiest courses of the year.

2015 - St. Louis

In a very cool moment, Cole Seely wore a Tyler Hoeft jersey out for opening ceremonies. He had recently passed away after a crash.

Here's another overhead view in St. Louis, with Eli Tomac during opening ceremonies.

Heat race holeshot, and...gone. Marvin Musquin (Red Bull KTM) was still in the 250 class and riding on another level.

This was a soft one...with the ruts to prove it.

Ryan Dungey (Red Bull KTM) had the holeshot to start his heat race, and had company from Ronnie Stewart (Team Dirt Candy).

Jeremy Martin got the jump in the 250 main event, but heading into the second turn, Marvin Musquin already had his sights set on the lead.

How's that for a case mark on top of one of the jumps?

Ryan Dungey made quick work of the 450 main.

2014 - St. Louis

Jimmy Albertson had a cool tribute to his home state/race.

Martin Davalos (Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki) hung tough out front all night, holding off Justin Bogle for another win.

Ryan Villopoto (Monster Energy Kawasaki) led the first half of the main event, but was chased down by James Stewart.

2013 - Houston

If we remember the date correctly, this was the bike that Kent Howerton's rode to the 500cc AMA Motocross National Championship in 1976.

Jeremy Martin had a couple of crashes in practice and ended up with a tweaked wrist.

Zach Freeberg and Gavin Faith had killer starts in the 250 main event, but Gavin got caught on the wrong side of Zach's rear wheel and went down in the first turn. Zach made his escape, and that opened room on the inside for Marvin Musquin and you can see Blake Wharton's front fender in there.

Winning in Houston has to take some of the sting out of missing out on a near-certain win after a last-lap crash in Indy for Blake Wharton.

Not a shocker. Mike Alessi got the holeshot to start the 450 main...on his white Suzuki.

This one needed a restart, and they lined up single-file style.

Bam. That was win number eight for Ryan Villopoto that season.

2012 - Houston

We're not sure what it is, but Houston brings out some of the coolest vintage bikes on the Supercross tour. These Huskys were showroom spotless.

We spotted Tony Alessi and Easy from Brotocross, BROing down in the MotoConcepts pits.

Justin Barcia and Ken Roczen dueled in the 250 main, before Barcia crashed.

Surprise! The win was the first of the year for Ken Roczen, and he was thoroughly enjoying it.

Davi Millsaps grabbed the holeshot, but it was Ryan Villopoto's race at the end.

Houston was where Ryan Villopoto took his 2012 450 title...four rounds from the end. Now that's dominance.

2011 - Arlington

The MotoConcepts Yamaha crew was back in action with Tommy Hahn at his home race.

Ha! Check out Justin Barcia's Allsport Dynamics brace for this week.

Series points leader Chad Reed (TwoTwo Motorsports Bel Ray Racing) was sporting a blue variation of his gear that weekend in support of Autism Speaks. The Cowboy star was a nice touch as well.

Ryan Dungey during practice. These were good days for him.

The Lites bikes head for the first turn. Any bets?

Lance Vincent got a great jump, but bobbled in the first turn. That allowed Justin Barcia to jump out front.

Dean Wilson got a little extra style in on his post-race celebration lap.

It looked like Trey Canard would nail down the holeshot, but Mike Alessi (800) came screaming around from the outside to take over the top spot.

Just before the halfway point in the main, Stewart started swapping through the whoops, and collected Chad Reed. Both bikes were pretty well damaged, and after remounting, James ended up fourth, and Reed mustered a ninth after losing a spot to another crash on the last lap.

That was Trey's third win of the '11 season.

2010 - Houston

Check out these kids. (Dean Wilson and Christophe Pourcel.) Yep, Dean was back in the U.S. and ready to roll after getting stuck in Canada.

Joe Newmann's passel of factory replicas. The Suzuki lives over at Fox Racing these days.

Lined up for the second Supercross Lites heat race, it was hard not to think that Christophe Pourcel (Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki) wouldn't leave the race in Houston with the title. Austin Stroupe (Rockstar Makita Suzuki) had crashed in practice with Kyle Cunningham (Valli Motorsports Rockstar Yamaha), injured his shoulder, and was unable to race. That left Pourcel suddenly had a huge lead over Justin Barcia (GEICO Powersports Honda). On yeah...after passing Michael Willard (Honda of Troy) early on, Pourcel took the heat race win.

Not much drama here. With Stroupe out of the lineup, all Pourcel needed was a fourth or better, regardless of where Barcia finished to wrap up the 2010 Lites East title. The main event was pretty much his from start to finish. He said afterward that it wouldn't have been as satisfying to win the title if he didn't also win the race.

It's an individual sport, but it takes a team effort. Congrats to the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki squad for another title. They've run out of room on their trailer doors for more plates, so we hear that they're going to recreate all the current ones, but on a smaller scale so they have more room to work with.

Kevin Windham scored his best finish of the season in front of family and friends. He kept the pressure on Ryan Villopoto for much of the main.

Ryan Villopoto grabs his seventh win of the season, and followed home by Kevin Windham, and Ivan Tedesco.

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