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Resnick's Picks

Resnick's take: Congrats to 94!

GuyB's Picks

GuyB's take: Doh! Watch for that white ice.

Grant's Picks

Grant's take: Here’s an upcoming opportunity to bid on race-worn jerseys, with the money going to a good cause. 

Grant's take: The King of Dortmund and his throne.

Grant's take: #Grinding #TrustTheProcsss

Grant's take: I’m not a Clemson fan, but this is a rad helmet. 

Grant's take: This year’s assortment of helmets has been pretty plain so far, but I think Kenny has the best looking lid at the moment. 

Ping's Picks

Ping's take: This dude inspires me.

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One year ago today was a life changing day for me and it has been an uphill battle ever since. This is a Short Documentary video of a look into what my year has looked like dealing with paralysis. They used this video to help raise money for neurorehab in the Intermountain Dixie Regional Hospital and they raised 1million dollars. Im so thankful for my family, @bayleesnow who’s on this roller .coaster ride with me, and all people that have been there for me and .continue to stick by my side through this journey. I’m still .continuing to make progress 1% at a time, and will never give up. Just because it’s 1 year in doesn’t mean it’s over, I feel like I am capable of making progress forever going forward. Some days I feel pretty hopeless and some days I’m like fuck yess I’m doing this! I still .continue to show up and put in the work and that’s all I can do at this point. Thank you @road2r .covery and everyone there for everything you do and taking a big load off mine and my family’s shoulders through this, and everyone who has donated to help me get back to where I am and further my progress. I have a ton to be thankful for and have so much opportunities in life that I’m going to take full advantage of. First off .continuing to be the best I can as a .coach to athletes and I have to thank @kenroczen94 and @chasesexton for .continuing to believe in me and keep this partnership going. As well as maybe pursue some things with 4 wheels and possibly do some racing at some point. I’d love to get back on 2 wheels again as well so I’ll keep working for that! Thanks again everyone

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Ping's take: Another great follow for fans of 90s moto. 

Klinger's Picks

Klinger's take: New underwear, please

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That oh moment // : @supercrosslive

A post shared by Kyle Cunningham (@_kylecunningham) on Jan 14, 2020 at 6:50am PST


Klinger's take: So much air time... twice. 

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Not good....

A post shared by Remi Bizouard (@remibizouard) on Jan 13, 2020 at 9:33am PST


Klinger's take: Huck and buck. 

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