Michael's Picks

Michael's Take: This was the beginning of the last moto of a season I'm sure Chad would rather forget. We're already looking forward to 2015, and I'm sure quite a few riders that had a rough year are as well

Steve Cox: This is how gnarly motocross is. Look how close @crtwotwo is to the spinning wheels of bikes on both sides of him off the start in moto two. #wtf

Michael's Take: Filthy Phil's working on his log hoping skills.

Phil Nicoletti: Took a little bit to get warmed up. First few laps were rough.

Michael's Take: Good luck Twitch, with age comes a cage!

Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg: Some times you just gotta do shit that makes you happy. I've ridden dirt bikes for ever and now it's time to race trucks full time. Not sayin I'm done Ridin but Lookin forward to next season in the truck and filming my ass off in the hills with my boys. #forever2wheels and 4

Michael's Take: Final race of the year, you're the points leader, and this happens. Be honest... would you have pooped your pants?

Pete Fox: This is how you win a Championship... @kenroczen94 saved this near-disaster when he collided with a lapper on the last lap of Moto 1 today. Not sure how he did, but he did. #fox #kenroczen #motocross #Kenonlyneedsonehand

Michael's Take: Jake Weimer's had a tough year and this had to be insult upon injury. We hope to see you back on the line at A1 and ready to pin it Jake!

Jake Weimer: To sum it up..... This was the best part of my whole weekend

Michael's Take: This has to be one of my favorite Ice bucket challenges so far, my hats off to you sir.

James Hanson: #icebucketchallenge called out by @dirt___bag now it's on you fools @r_sipes @rickygmonster @jomofo940 @meaganjeane @rockstarenergy

Michael's Take: Now that's a heck of a burnout!

Vital MX: Might be time for a new Dunlop. There's also wildlife here. We had a mousse sighting. @kenroczen94

Scottie's Picks

Scottie's Take: Kenny really knows how to celebrate!

Jason Thomas: We are having a decent time in Utah.

Scottie's Take: Check out this cool throwback pic, who would of thought after all these years these two would be such good buds? (and training partners)

Adam Cianciarulo: Pumped for this guy, when he joined the crew last year his goal was to win and win he did! Through the struggles of a long season and the ups and downs he gave it 100% everyday. Congrats bro, you deserve it.

Scottie's Take: Pretty cool to see the process FMF uses to create their Ti tubing. Made in the USA!

FMF: Did we mention we roll our own Titanium Tubing here at FMF? Oh well just 1 more feather in our cap! MADE IN USA 100% #Merica #FMF #USA

Scottie's Take: The guys at Fox have been defining "cool" for many years. Here's a cool throwback with RJ.

Pete Fox: #tbt One year after that low budget picture of me, we had signed @therickyjohnson and my new marketing effort for Fox was launched! Thanks again RJ! #fox #mx #sx #motocross #foxracing #moto #legend

Scottie's Take: Trey Canard won a bet.

Racer X: @treycanard won the 1-1 bet with his mechanic @bigb41wrench and got to give him an OK Mohawk! @millermotorsportspark #UtahMX @promotocross #motocross #supercross #moto #mx #promotocross @mylucasoil #MXonNBC @redbull @flyracingusa

Scottie's Take: Check out this little shredder send it big!

Moto Addict: I was standing right there for this pass at the Unadilla amateur track. This kid went sooooooo big!

Scottie's Take: See you next week!

Brett Cue: Mid moto stretching is an important key. Last thing you wanna do is pull a hammy! @motojeff130 photo @motosportinc

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