GP Bits: MXGP of Trentino | Round 16

Nestled in a valley in the Dolomiti (little Dolomites) the Trentino circuit is a stunning place to race motocross, or do anything really.

This round we are going to take a tour of controls, checking out the bars, mounts, grips, clamps, etc.

On this Honda you can see they run the kill switch/map switch on the right side of the bike, upside down.

Tom Vialle's set up is pretty simple with no map switches, just a start button and kill switch. Looks like Renthal full diamond grips and Neken clamps, rather than the split "Factory KTM" clamps others run.

Antonio Cairoli's set up is a little different. Looks to be a pretty tall bar for a smaller guy. He's got an extra button on the left, and runs Renthal half waffle grips with two sections of safety wire. Thes are the factory KTM clamps.

Jed Beaton has the ProTaper Fuzion bars with white half waffle grips, with donuts. He has ridgid bar mounts to the split factory clamps.

On the GASGAS MC 250 Michael Sander has Neken bars and the factory split clamps. Not sure about grips. Dig the red gas vent hose.

One of the F&H Kawasakis with Renthal Twinwalls, Xtrig Flex Bar Mounts, and ROCS clamps.

Thibault Benistant's YZ250F has the ODI CFT bars and ODI grips. Both the start button and kill switch are recessed in special housings. We see the Xtrig ROCS clamps, PHDS mounts, and a sweet vented air box cover.

With the rocks in the Trentino soil, a lot of teams bust out the handguards.

Gautier Paulin runs a taller than stock seat.

While Tonus has the seat bump, that seems to be going away as of late.

In his home country Cairoli went 2-2 for the overall victory.

Tony Cairoli: “I’m really happy to win the overall and to ride with Clement in the second moto; it was like a few years ago when we used to fight for the title! We were riding fast today. It’s always good to win in Italy but it's not the same without any public so thanks to all those who were supporting from home. We’ll try to do our best for the rest of the championship. Tim is far ahead but we’ll try to enjoy the last two races and see what happens.”

The top two Cairoli fans out there. Too soon for Lit Kit?

Sort of a 180 from his last patch.

A little while ago, Clement Desalle said via social media that this will be his last MXGP season. Surprisingly, he got his first moto win in years, going 6-1 for 3rd overall.

Cairoli was super happy for Desalle. They've been racing each other for over a decade.

Clement Desalle: “It’s a really nice moment. I have continued to believe in myself and back at the truck after the first moto I even said to my team that I felt I could be fourth or fifth; mathematically even perhaps the podium was possible. That second moto will stay in my memory for a long time. I got a good start in third; I could pass Toni in a corner and then Jeremy made a mistake and I was leading. It’s a feeling I didn’t have for a long time; it was so nice and I appreciate it. I took it lap-by-lap. In the beginning I was making some mistakes in one sector; I didn’t have a good line there at first but I found a better one. After that I was really happy with my riding; I found a good rhythm and stayed focused. Toni came back at me some laps but I went again and with a few laps to go I realised that perhaps I could do it to the end. I gave what I had and I did it ! I’m super happy; such a nice feeling. I will take the next two GPs race-by-race but for sure I know what I can do and I would like another podium and another race win. “

Tim Gajser went 1-4 for the second spot on the MXGP podium.

Tim Gajser: "Overall I am quite happy with how things went. The first race was almost perfect, getting the holeshot and then making a gap at the beginning. Tony was pushing to start with but I managed to increase the gap every lap and controlled the race to take the win. In the second race I messed up the jump out of the gate and had a couple of difficult moments in the first lap as I battled through the field. I tried to take it easy at the beginning, not rush things and not make a mistake. In the end I came back to fourth place which was good enough for second overall. I did try everything to make the pass for third, which would have been good enough for first but I couldn’t quite make it happen. It was still a good result though and there are four motos left to go, so I will keep focused and try do my best."

With some sand, some hard-pack, some rocks, and a lot of rough sections, tire choice is a mixed bag.

Clement's A-Kit Showa Shock looking good.

The carbon fan bracket is sweet and so is the data port.

Seewer's shock spring is a candy blue that is so sweet.

On one of the KTMs, this Akro header looks to have some other finish on the first part of the pipe, then transitions into the typical smooth titanium.

Muffler holders or waders?

Sure the GASGAS pits are cool, but those granite cliffs are way bigger than they look.

Courtney Duncan took home her second MXW Championship in a row.

The New Zealander has a lot of gold to go with her gold medal.

Closer look at that Just 1 lid.

Here's a look at one of Duncan's rivals, Nancy Van De Ven's YZ250F.

Van De Ven's team runs Solva suspension with their triple clamps as well.

You can see that classic rounded HGS resonant chamber in front of the cylinder.

A little bolt-on airbox expander.

The "me taking a photo of you taking a photo of me" thing is universal among photographers.

Gautier Paulin joined Desalle by announcing that this is his final MXGP season as well.

Gautier Paulin: “We are in good shape, with the bike, and myself too. No regrets today, I had really good rhythm, it was really tough to pass. I woke up a little bit too late in first moto to get back to third place. I came really close to Jeremy (Seewer) but it was too late to attack. In the second race I had quite a good start. I came close to the podium and I did everything I could to make the box, unfortunately it didn’t work out, but I still feel really good. It was a really good race. I know we can’t always make the podium, but the riding was strong, and I leave here happy today. We still have two more times to enjoy Trentino so there is still a lot to look forward to.”

A look at multi-time MXW Champ Kiara Fontanesi's KTM. She is still opting to cut holes in the airbox rather than running the stock vented panel. Also has a metal wire guard rather than carbon or plastic on the case cover.

Haven't seen these Geco triple clamps before. Italian company and looks to actually made in Italy as well.

Going with a GET ECU and their map switch.

Jago Geerts took the overall victory after a few ups and downs at the last few rounds.

Jago Geerts: “I am really happy with how the day went except for in the first heat when I stalled the bike, but in the second heat I was feeling really good on the track. My speed was good, and I was really happy. We had a really good day testing with the team on Wednesday, so I want to thank the crew for that and now I need to focus on keeping this rhythm.”

Thomas Kjer Olsen swapped moto scores with Geerts to tie in points but take second overall with 1-4 scores.

There's the factory carbon guard on his teammate's bike.

Beaton also runs carbon hangers.

Tom Vialle rounded out the overall podium in third with 2-3 moto scores.

Tom Vialle: “It was a good day for the championship. I was really angry with myself for that small crash in the second moto because I was feeling much better compared to the first race. To lose the GP like that was frustrating. Anyway, we have two more GPs to go. Last week I was thinking about the championship and also after the race today but when I’m on the bike I am really focused. I enjoyed the track, so that was an important thing as well.”

Got to keep those 450s cool.

See you Wednesday.

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