CRASH Video: Swapping Out Wide-Open in the Dunes

Vital MX: We've all swapped out but I doubt many of us have swapped at the speed this guy did! Even worse, he didn't save it and gets slapped down HARD! Watch the video below and check out some of the screengrabs from the crash. This guy is lucky...dude, go buy a lottery ticket!

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  • ScooterD

    12/27/2017 6:59 PM

    Thats a little too much comitment and not enough skill hhahaha.....must have stung a little

  • GingerVision87

    12/20/2017 12:25 AM

    Ok, not putting it off any longer....going to buy a neck brace.

  • bmw937

    12/20/2017 1:04 PM

    saved my life. I stand by them.

  • crf250pilot

    12/19/2017 6:39 PM

    That would've never happened on a 2-stroke

  • Cr4501

    12/19/2017 2:23 PM


  • FLmxer

    12/19/2017 8:07 AM

    Is that a Honda hi side? Or ktm?

  • motomad724

    12/19/2017 8:59 AM

    You can see the Honda aluminum frame in 3rd still shot. Ouch; what a crash!

  • David934

    12/19/2017 12:29 AM

    no chest protector

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