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When hauling 4 full sized bikes in my shortbox Colorado. I've upgraded to an extended hitch bar so haul 2 in the bed now with the tailgate down. Two bikes forward in the 6x10 enclosed, and one backward plus now 2 in the bed!

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Just caught this post, but being in Michigan I wasn't dual-sporting in January so I wouldn't have an answer... I started this season with one on my 2018 KTM 500 EXC and it's fine on tarmac and dirt roads, but in any kind of muck it turns into a slick. ... more »

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I have an older Firestick that the app keeps closing out on so will uninstall/reinstall the app. No problem whatsoever on my newer Firestick on another TV

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That Honda is sharp. Have you considered a KTM 450 XCF?

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Merry Christmas Gibby!

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*and make fun of himself LOL He helped me diagnose my 500EXC after i drowned it over FB messenger; i learned a ton taking the steps he said and by watching his videos. I need to get out there and ride! Obtainable bucket list material right there

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Mike Spurgin who owns and operates Taco Moto Co out of Vegas is one top notch dude. I could give tons of examples of him helping folks out including me big time! But he does bleed orange for the most part LOL. Sells cool stuff and does Baja tours among ... more »

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Bob passed away probably 10 years ago, and his wife Jan a couple years later. I see his daughter now and then since she's married to a bud of mine. GREAT memories at Iron Mustangs. I refused to go to movies at that MJR theater. Only once went and it ... more »

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Good tip! I've never ridden Gladwin due to hearing it's soooo sandy, but being the furthest south and this revelation will have to give it a try! Thanks man

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+1 for Kalkaska, but I think the south loop is less sandy/root covered/hilly than the Kalkaska north loop. The east side of the Kalkaska central loop is partially a shared snowmobile trail and very sandy. Tomahawk is further north past Gaylord and more ... more »

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The Holly Oaks ORV park opens Sept 17th, but I expect it'll be very busy. It's an old gravel pit on the back side of Mt Holly (between the ski hill and I-75), and is a mix of terrain. I understand there will be 50" trails and also under 50" single track ... more »

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Chad and his wife “Crystal”??? What happened to Elli? LOL Edit: my bad... I thought this was Chad REED hahaha

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Wow he does have some stuff alright! Not sure about a $300 used spark plug though... Works or not! Works Factory NGK

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Entire bike deal

, just the forks no deal ... more »
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I'm in for my grandson who I haven't seen in over a month (and only lives 10 miles away)

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Souvenir always struck me as a good story, and his intro is a hoot. I've been a fan of John Prine for years, and was afraid he met his match with this damn virus

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I too would expect bike shops including sales to remain open. Our governor just gave the shelter in place in Michigan and even bicycle shops are permitted to remain open due to being "transportation". We're shopping for a new Giant/Liv for my wife and ... more »

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Ride man ride! I wish it were warmer right now in Michigan... Get a dualsport bike if you don't have one. There must be all kinds of twisty/turnies around Bethesda

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You're willing to bet on blind speculation? Brilliant. Follow this thread to the Dumbgeon