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Yeah not good then.

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If this guy did anything like this then yes ,hang him by his balls, I just keep remembering the Duke LaCrosse case, wait until more of the story comes out before passing judgement.. There was also that teacher that her life was destroyed by a claim like ... more »

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Toughest sport in the world and you guys find it odd one rider calls another a prick? Wheres the problem? Oh yeah the pussification of MX, damn

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Its still all rider. But, I would love to have one for sure.

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Biting is mayhem, you can transfer a deadly disease like aids by biting. Good riddance. So what is the upstanding AMA ruling on felons who apply for the pro license again,. Probably give him a bonus. Hes a little dude jail is gonna be rough.

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He sure doesn't like to race much for a so called racer. If he did he would keep out of trouble long enough to pursue a racing career. Look what the bad boy image did for Mike Tyson. He had lots of talent too early in his career. J-law is already a has ... more »

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At least its a moto related question and not some nascar news.

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Filled plenty of race sled crank holes with Devcon back in the PSI days.

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Non Moto like totally non moto.

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web site down

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The engineers now say the only way they can get near the mpg new standards is with the lighter less friction 2 strokes for automotive use. Duh.

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Havent been on here in few weeks. Same stupid arguments I see. Guy B, this place really starting to suck. The forums anyway. All the other content is great.

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Awesome, and they also kept mentioning points that would be good for people new to the sport. Great broadcast.

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I must say crash is improving on his skills big time. He moves over for the leaders much better now.

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How did you arrive at that figure, when he said he was broke numerous times? Good thing there is some great racing this year to focus on, as it should be, instead of giving more press to the sports most notorious dipshit.

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AN OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT OBAMA By Lou Pritchett Dear President Obama: You are the thirteenth President under whom I have lived and unlike any of the others, you truly scare me. You scare me because after months of exposure, I know nothing about you. ... more »

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No mention of him on the last couple broadcasts. Kinda nice since he deserves no press.

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For sure one of those why didnt I think of that

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