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He will finish where he finished in SX. He is a 12th in points guy. Plus all this isnt his firat rodeo in America. Racing the same guys. Come on you euro nut hangers hes fast but not fast enough.

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Also depends on the track conditions or soils i should say. Sand tracks i mean true sand tracks zero chain lube that means nothing. Everything else wd4o before the ride and spray on prior to washing let sit on chain for a few minutes then spray off. ... more »

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At least he never makes excuses. Thats what i like about him along with sheer determination.

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Go back into hibernation

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Wait a minute, Ken roczen is still one the top ten fastest riders on the planet. I leave to yall to decide where. But someone has to win and someone has to lose. Webb is doing everything needed to win a title and kenny has made a couple of crucial mistakes ... more »

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The 2 down voters on most of the responses must be hell i already forgot those other guys names. Wait one was like lee something and there was a tooledge in there i think. Hell it doesn't matter anymore we have found the formula. Sign DB and Bones

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This is the dream team. Keep it just like this!!!!!

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Are you kidding Hunter scrubbed the roller and landed off tge track. CM never touched him. Sometimes scrubbing left takes you left.

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Done, Clinton pulled this shit in the 90's as well stealing thoudands of acres in utah as federal land. Stop this government overreach. This our land the people the tax payers the Patriots.

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Winner of the best forum ruler of the day goes to mx295! Absolutely owned a mistake that is an oddity on this place. Great job setting the example. Lenny you should take notes

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Are you seriously this stupid? I have had friends on their way to the track go in and pay for gas come out to empty truck bed cut straps bikes gone. Thats why non of us put any logos on our vans or trucks denoting any mx relation. Biker boys and wheelie ... more »

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Most are stolen from the back of trucks vans followed home then come back later. Dont have to think about it we already know

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Shut up!

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I like the thinking process here. Macadoo definitely benefited the most Lawrence also made up ground. I believe macadoo should have been allowed to race, dont change the lap rule if three laps have not been ran libe back up on the gate with the rider ... more »

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Concussion protocol is pretty straightforward, meaning fairly easy to detect. For most of us have taken some hellacious hits, laid on the ground for a while even had broken bones but knew we could still race and did. Just saying Cameron knew what he ... more »

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That's golden rod to you

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Agreed 100%, Ricky is exactly who he is supposed to be. But who I wonder he has a running bet with on how many times he can say "go for it" with😀 has to be jeffro

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Basically I have had enough hearing about Roczen, he was having a bad day so don't show him. AP was having a great day I'm cool with hearing about AP. Roczen and the Lawrence brothers get way too much air play as far as I'm concerned.

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Maybe because they are the only company really progressing our sport. Big four are 10 years behind revamping same old bikes. In fact if it weren't for the Austrian brand I could still be on my 09 rmz 450 and would be compatible to all four of current ... more »

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Did not cross jump, coty schock bumped him on the face moving Jordan into Mitchell. Clearly shown on replay. No word on Jordan?