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Nice clean lap. I'm about 3 seconds off that at Phoenix, landing sideways on the berms and using the clutch to regain speed is where you can make a heap of time in this game - I haven't quite got it yet.

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Jackson222 on 360. Picking the game up today so might not be online until I've unlocked everything.

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Thanks guys appreciate it.

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SPAM This is a bit of spam, but I've been doing abit of writing for an Australian MX site, and wrote a piece on my opinion of motocross as a sport, and how it is the ultimate family sport. Since joining this site I've done more reading then posting, ... more »

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My brother is racing in the MX2 class on a privateer KTM 250 two stroke, number 221 go and say hey!\ I sadly won't be there due to rugby commitments, hope its a good event!

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I just commented on that particular shot on the video page, definitely one of the coolest I can remember in recent times, great job!

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Awesome video! The shot at 2:10 is amazing, as usual josh looks great on the bike, hope for some good results this year.

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Is there betting on the monster cup on an online site or anything? I'd love to have a bet from Aus, make it even more interesting!

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You do not have to be the best rider to be a good coach, trainer, or to critique technique of a rider. Look at every other sport and you will realise that the majority of the time the coaches are able to see what works and what doesn't but most likely ... more »

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x2, $1.2 million a season seems way too much. Full semi for one guy is just unnecessary

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Absolutely unbelievable.. This whole championship I have been cheering on RV and Reed, but after that ride I can't help hoping that Dungey somehow pulls this championship off. He has had alot of issues this year out of his control in both SX and MX, ... more »

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If Dungey hasn't signed the KTM contract yet I'm sure it will be signed this week.. So disappointing for him and for the fans hoping to see this champ go to the wire. And Reed down in the first corner! Congrats to Villopoto, 2011 MX and SX champ

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Buy a green one!

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Yeah it happens, just always wondered. Thanks

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Excuse my ignorance, but what happened to Hackley? If I remember correctly he came out of Loretta's as a pretty promising prospect, I'm pretty sure he graduated in the same year as Stroupe, Izzi and Wil Hahn? And I haven't heard much about Hackley since.. ... more »

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Well first of all thanks for everyones help and suggestions! I'm just going to send an email out to all the companies mentioned outlining a basic idea of what I wanna do, hopefully get a few prices etc and go from there. Like I've said, i won't be doing ... more »

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I'm 18, finished school last year and I'm heading over to the USA in just over a week to work in a summer camp, I'm then travelling for around a month, and I want to finish my trip with a dream of mine, to ride the best tracks in California. I'm curious ... more »

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I personally thought that if RV could win the Supercross series, he would absolutely blow them away in the outdoors. I know today is only the first round, but to have Reed and Dungey put a 50 second gap on him in the second moto is absolutely huge, his ... more »

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So Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, KTM....... For all us guys and girls that ride green, will Kawasaki be in the game??

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Well like most people have stated, the game is average until you start to level up your bikes and XP. I'm now up to level 18 and have a modded 250 and am really enjoying the national tracks, although it is a slow way to level up. In the beginning I was ... more »