The Fighter - Featuring Josh Grant 26

It's a few days behind schedule, but better late than never, right? Sit back, relax, and enjoy a glimpse into the life of father, husband, and professional motocross athlete Josh Grant... The Fighter.

Credit: Kyle Cowling
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  • TonyD

    12/31/2012 11:15 AM

    "Rocket Ronnie"! Congrats and HNY! You have just made me actually log on and be a member for the first time ever on a message board because you are such a maggot barney I could not help myself! Going after and talking about the Grants 2 year old son....or anyones 2 year old son.....Talk about "Fake Tough Guy"...Your the biggest Fake tough guy surfing the virtual chat rooms!....If you had a problem at the track with the Grants, or any other human for that matter then you should of handled it at the a real man.....not behind a keyboard at 4 in the morning like a "Fake Tough Guy".....I feel good spitting venom at spode barney like you....pat on the back to me!!....I dont ever have to comment on a message board ever again now!....My career is over!...Good Luck to the Grants in 2013 and every other racer talented enough to line up in 2013 and make the best season of racing ever.......and "Racing Ronnie"...Get Beat in 2013 you Maggot Kook!

  • GuyB

    12/31/2012 11:30 AM

    Tony, you don't have to make it a one-post career. I'm sure you could find better things to chime in on.

  • TonyD

    12/31/2012 11:45 AM

    Fair Enough GB! Class Act as always! HNY Bruey!

  • kzizok

    12/30/2012 11:33 AM

    One of the best vids to date! Finally, use of one of the best bands in the world, too!

  • Cutshall

    12/29/2012 8:14 PM

    This is an awesome video. Just makes me get behind JG33 that much more for the upcoming season. I got excited when he got the holeshot at the MEC, on the Yamaha, but now I'm behind him because he"s a great human-being. Great video.

  • Bulldog Racing

    12/29/2012 7:38 PM

    Awesome video! Keep EM coming!

  • mxjef

    12/29/2012 3:04 PM

    Just watched it again for about the 6th time!
    Good job, Kyle!...I'm hoping Josh has a great year!!

  • Brent

    12/29/2012 2:22 PM

    Josh is a family man now, and that in itself is all the more reason to cheer him on. He has the skills, I hope he believes in himself this year.

  • ycdirtrider

    12/29/2012 8:10 AM

    Awesome video, hope he does well this year!

  • jwhitemx15

    12/29/2012 7:06 AM

    One of the best videos to date! Never was a real fan of Josh... until watching The Moto episode this season. When you see the "hidden" side of some in the sport, it gives you a totally different perspective.

    I hope he kills it this year and is on the box every weekend.

    More videos like this please! Hey, can we get a downloadable link? My boys I'm sure would love to watch this one on the iPad and iPhones 1000 times like some others we have.

  • 68

    12/29/2012 6:26 AM

    amazing video

  • jackson222

    12/28/2012 11:24 PM

    Awesome video! The shot at 2:10 is amazing, as usual josh looks great on the bike, hope for some good results this year.

  • jasonv43

    12/28/2012 8:59 PM

    Like Camp332 said. My little guy is turning 2 next month so I'm right there with him. He's got a stryder bike too!!! Hoping Josh can do some work this year.

  • brocster

    12/29/2012 1:14 PM

    to you, camp332, josh and anyone else.enjoy the little guys! they grow hella fast my son is 18 and we hang now just like we did then. if you would like some advise. i'll share. walk your kid up on every size mx or bmx. cost a little more but worth every penny for control/strength purposes.

  • Camp332

    12/30/2012 7:25 PM

    Thanks man! Being a father is the best!

  • jasonv43

    1/2/2013 10:10 PM

    Good advice man thanks. I hope to figure out a good balance between being a dad and being his best friend.

  • Adens13

    12/28/2012 8:24 PM

    He seems to have lost the d-bag, mulisha, hot-shot attitude. Might have to start pulling for him?

  • GuyB

    12/28/2012 8:43 PM

    Congratulations on the best backhanded compliment so far.

  • stillwelding

    12/28/2012 6:35 PM

    Lookin good, Dad! and Mom.

  • Generation Hardcore

    12/28/2012 5:52 PM

    Great Video. Love the color and some great shots.

  • brocster

    12/28/2012 5:46 PM

    awesome all the way around!

  • Camp332

    12/28/2012 4:57 PM

    Being a new dad to a 9 month old boy, I loved this!

  • josh8811

    12/28/2012 4:54 PM

    Awesome video!! Liked everything about it. The camera angles were cool, cool shots of the kid, and a cool tune!!

  • pacetruckdrvr

    12/28/2012 4:35 PM

    Awesome job, thats what its all about.

  • thordude

    12/28/2012 4:33 PM

    This video was just amazing.

  • jeffro503

    12/28/2012 4:26 PM

    Really , really cool Video! Wishing Josh and his family the best in 2013!

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