Liked a bike check Marko Slana's Honda CR125R "two smoker" 11/14/2018 12:29 PM
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Yes. Your friends I charger will charge it. It will allow you to cycle the pack a couple times which will also tell you the overall condition and capacity loss. Does the pack have an external sensor lead? Or balance connector?

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Kinda like this...
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This brand definitely has a very short life span in comparison to oem. Best steer clear.

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Guy still lives in the kamloops area. Due to a few nagging injuries he doesn't get out riding very much. His kids are growing up and they are doing a bit of riding under his watchful eye.

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Up north eh we had Julian Cerny. Raced XC for years tried his hand in cmrc mx nationals....

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shoe goo....

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Can you post a pic of the powervalve arm and linkage?

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Back in 96 I recall using Kawasaki fibers and steels from which years of kx I can't remember....I think that from 89 to 99 the plates were all the same tho....again not to sound bias but you can't go wrong with pro x brand clutch plates. As for oil.....I ... more »

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A few suggestions i can offer on that motorcycle, if the cylinder is still plated (but possibly a bit worn)go with the fractional larger sized pro x piston. While you have the cases split for crank removal take a very good look over all the tranny gears. ... more »

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There is a listing on ebay for a new oem kawi 450 crank that also shows the exact same marks....

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When all the clutch plates are removed can you spin the inner hub freely? In neutral obviously.

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I would recommend checking your VIN. It looks to me like you have an RMX. The RM stator didn't look like the one on your motor cycle. I may be wrong but after 92 the RM has kiehin carbs not the mikuni....

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Best bike Ive owned : 1999 YZ125 Worst bike Ive owned : 1998 WR125 Husqvarna. The Yamaha was just one of "those" bikes....I raced it at a PJ1 arenacross series races one weekend , the following weekend would be a hare scramble or enduro with evening ... more »

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On the parts diagram, that piece is #8 on the cylinder head page.It is used to seal the spark plug between the head itself and the valve cover. Im guessing you may not have the cam timing correct and the piston is contacting the valves.

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With all those pics I only see 2 RC related products.... That's gotta be hard to do.

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On this particular engine design (04 yz250) a reduced comp ratio and lower squish velocity might have actually helped. The "ported" cylinder has the transfer ports raised and roof angle corrected in an attempt to change the mid-top power.

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Oh you betchya it was running , fairly normal really albeit pretty rich. This mod was done by a "tuning" shop that had a "ported" cylinder as a pakage. Ive seen many different examples of deflection of the gases in the head none of which could be quantified ... more »