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I don’t care what generation you’re from, dirt bikes will always have this effect.

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George Koutsouvanos is the physical therapist who rehabbed my feet after a moto crash. He has 17 years of experience and understands moto injuries. He is in Tempe and Mesa area. He works for ATI

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Epstein barr...duh

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Listen to moto pods driving to work, get on vital for maybe 10 min a day, go on RMATV and/or motosport and add stuff into my cart, get anxiety and add and remove shit and never push the checkout

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To be fair, I understand your point.... just not about A Ray. I felt that way about 722, it was non stop about his over the top bro speech and rap career. Aray is the old saying "its not about the grades you make its about the hands you shake" Shaking ... more »

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Growing the sport of super/moto or dirt bikes in general? IMO I dont want to see the dirtbikes in the cities doing wheelies grow but would like to see more people and families have an interest in moto. I look back to the early 2000s during the "bro" ... more »

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My wife and I are both 30 and are thinking no kids. We are both professionals (dentists) and are hoping to buy a second office soon. Point is, it just might not be for us. We constantly get told or asked “when you have kids” or “when will you have kids”. ... more »

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It was a good show but I feel like it could have been amazing. I just wish GL would learn to listen instead of using his experiences to try to relate.Also, please let the riders you interview get their full thought out before being interrupted because ... more »

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You’re drunk.

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Read about Natasha Richardson, Liam Nelson’s wife. She hit her head while skiing and 2 hours later complained about headaches. She had a “brain bleed” and died 2 days later. I understand that most of the time when people hit their head it’s not too bad ... more »

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The word “Adversity”, they use it so often you could get hammered from O’douls

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They sure are. And it doesnt matter what or where you ride, it's always a blast

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I dont think FMF makes a gnarly for a 125. I might be wrong

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I dont understand how dirtbike riders can stay in CA anymore. Im not saying this with a political motive. It doesnt matter if you are liberal or conservative, there are some blue states that have amazing riding and lots of it. Im saying quality of life ... more »

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It's a difficult decision. IMO I think a big flaw in neck braces is not getting them custom fitted by a professional. A device that arguably save or kill you should not be a small, medium, large ect. I think they should be built for you shoulders, neck ... more »

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Looking for flexx bars. I have stock KTM bars now (250xcw) so similar bend would be nice. Shoot me a text 6192129541

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Should've taken a breakfast ball. Bad way to start the day

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I am a dentist and ride. One of the questions is something like, "do you RACE motorcycles, skydive or fly planes". I ride but I dont race so I answered no. I have guardian and 2 years after I graduated I crashed hard and broke both my legs and neck. ... more »

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Shoot me a text if you want this silencer 619-212-9541 Im open to offers. I paid 100 bucks for it and never used it
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Where at in AZ are you? Im in scottsdale and I am interested