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Should've taken a breakfast ball. Bad way to start the day

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I am a dentist and ride. One of the questions is something like, "do you RACE motorcycles, skydive or fly planes". I ride but I dont race so I answered no. I have guardian and 2 years after I graduated I crashed hard and broke both my legs and neck. ... more »

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As a dentist, this just made me die a little on the inside

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Shoot me a text if you want this silencer 619-212-9541 Im open to offers. I paid 100 bucks for it and never used it
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Where at in AZ are you? Im in scottsdale and I am interested

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I lived in KY for school for 4.5 years and picked up collecting/drinking bourbons. Picked up golf but only play once a month or so.

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He looks like he lost a lot of weight too. RC is back and killing it

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Here in AZ prices for enduro/off road bikes are extremely high. KTM/Husky with 100+ hours are still 6-9K. They are also super tough to come by

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When I saw it was listed in ABQ and it was a suzuki I knew JWACK would be picking it up!! hahaha

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I am a dentist and whenever I hope something will work out or "lets wait and see" the overwhelming majority of the time it doesnt work out. If that was my leg I would eat my shit sandwich and go in one more time to have it done correctly. It's a pain ... more »

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Hey Brocsdad, I am a dentist in Scottsdale AZ but went to dental school at uni of kentucky. A handful of my friends moved to TN. I saw you're in Thompsons Station TN and its close to Nashville. One of the best guys I graduated with is in Brentwood, he ... more »

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I bought a blown up Yamaha Blaster at a party for 200 bucks, title and all. Rebuilt if for a couple hundred, those quads are insanely fun (and dangerous). Sold it for 1200

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On new years eve this got brought up. My buddy is one of the die hard sunday watching football kind of dudes and I dont watch any other sports but moto. He said he could name more about moto than I could about football. When I asked him who won this ... more »

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I love this!!! I'd like to piggyback off this idea. I am a dentist in Scottsdale AZ and if any privateers are passing through AZ I would love to give free exam/cleaning and if treatment is needed I will provide all the labor for free ( usually the most ... more »

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Any way to watch without having MAVTV? Any twitch accounts?

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I went to Uni of Kentucky for 4 years and when I lived there I went to Daniel boone MX and soggy bottom MX. Soggy bottom was great. I did some woods riding at a place called wildcat I think. It wasnt great.

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I went 20 years with a broken wrist and a handful of ringing my bell. Not racing anymore and trying to take it easy and BAM! broke both feet and my neck... damn it

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PRP worked for me too. My wife was learning how to do PRP (she is a dentist) and she needed someone to practice on. After she drew my blood and did whatever she needed to I had leftover PRP. The nurse teaching the class said it works great for joint ... more »

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To non moto people his face looks like he is about to shit his pants To moto people his face says " I cant believe I just landed that jump and nailed this rut" followed by a huge smile

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Since the topic is weight, what weights are bikes setup for stock? I used to get my suspension setup when I rode moto but now Im only off road on a 2019 250xc-w. Is it worth dropping 1k on suspension? I only ride single track