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$215 shipped.

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brand new, in the box, genuine Kawasaki cylinder, fits 2009 and 2010 KX450F Kawasaki part number 11005-0129 mistakenly ordered the bike cylinder on ebay when I was fixing a quad for a friend years ago, just been sitting on the shelf ever since. $225 ... more »

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seriously the coolest thing I have seen in quite some time!

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3M adhesive remover works well. Or the old standby, gasoline. Soak a rag in a small amount of gas and lay it over the glue residue for a few minutes. It'll come off pretty easy after that, just be careful with the gas and open ignition sources.

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It's not just a glitch. I was reading the latest AMA magazine the other night and noticed a full page ad targeted specifically at AMA Life members, touting the benefits of buying a yearly membership to gain the roadside assistance and other "benefits" ... more »

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My buddy lives 3 miles from there, he rode there last week, said it was good. Check out their website for contact details and def call first. I know it was primo over Thanksgiving, really bummed I couldn't ride it, damn broken back...

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I got one of these free when I bought my 1996 RM250. I still have it, it's never even had a bike on it an the top is broke out of it.!

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The 1981 CR450R, my very first motocross bike! The shock was broke and had no rebound damping. FUn times...

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The headlight set up in the front number plate is bad ass. I want one of those for my street fighter project!

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DC said in Racerhead on Friday that the qualifier/regional schedule would be posted that afternoon, but I have yet to find it anywhere. Anyone else seen it yet?

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looks like KX85 shrouds, side panels, front fender, maybe seat, maybe KX85 desert tank.

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I've built a couple pit bike tracks, it always takes longer than you'd think it would. I don't have any equipment myself, other than my Dad's 1957 Ford 861 tractor and a box scraper. But fortunately, I work at a Volvo Construction Equipment dealership ... more »

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12-17 15th overall.

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Mine came in the 250B class in '96 or 97 at Broome-Tioga for the NYS Championships. It was a mud fest and the first 6 or 7 gates were completely under water, a puddle about 6 inches deep. Everyone was afraid to line up in them. The start straight had ... more »

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Scott's snowmobile gear is top notch stuff. Suprising that their moto stuff isn't at least as good. I did try on one of their helmets once, wasn't really impressed, but then again my current lids, both street and dirt, are Arais.

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might as well... it's cheaper than buying a lottery ticket

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It seems one of the more common injuries "caused" by a Leatt is to the T8-T9 vertebrae. The very first time I wore mine, I crashed and ended up with compression fractures to those very vertebrae. Here's the funny part, I didn't land head first. In fact ... more »

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the valve train components in that must be absolutely miniscule.

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definitely an interesting concept