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Loosen sq and put it at 14.5 comp And run pump if you want. Thats. Assuming Stock pipe. As the pipe sets the cylinder pressure. Taking orings out. Means its not happy. Little to aggressive

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Old dead thread. Well jakes dad. I got a yz 325 to do (Harris knows all about it) Kicker is . I got to make a pipe. Cause its in a quad frame. But the 325 and its terrible pipe ratio needs Exactly this. What is a pipe ratio? If you know what the pipe

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I change some pipe dimensions sometimes, I do not build pipes. Riv . I think case comp all depends on the timings and transfer duct volume /shape/angles and of corse the pipe. I have tested different transfer tunnel volumes /angles /pipes on the Dyno ... more »

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A lot of people put epoxy in there cases, assuming it will be a good thing. The pipe has a huge suction, like a supersized shop vac on the export. Keep the mix in the head and not the exhaust port is key here. Something to think about. Less volume [case ... more »

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Tumic email me

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That price was including assembly, bore and plating,piston, gasket's,powervalve fitment. A full port job and a recut head set up for your fuel, all comp sim and tested. Plus cases and cylinder resurfaced. Everyone has a different way of doing things ... more »