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Suspension is the most value added adjustment you can make to a bike, IMO If nothing else, at least get the proper spring rates for your weight and riding ability, set the sag, etc. I use Race Tech's website personally for reference on this. Of course, ... more »

Started new thread 1987 YZ490 Suspension 5/22/2021 5:34 PM

Picked this bike up yesterday and had a chance to ride it today, brought back all kinds of memories. The biggest downfall however is the fact the suspension is ‘87 Yamaha. It’s soft, harsh and everything in between. Anybody do an upgrade to one of these? ... more »

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Holy shit!!

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Is there a link to the release? Will it be posted here?

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i dont think that looks too bad actually, ive had worse. In saying that maybe need to run race gas, or blend?

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No Nitrogen? Interesting.....

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Something must have been real bad to make him want to ride that blue turd! My goodness, hopefully fake news

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This would be a YUGE mistake for Tomac, he'd be throwing in the towel and riding for money which i dont see him doing.

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Is your rebound clicker possibly backed all the way out ? This happened on my KX450, somehow I missed setting them properly after servicing them, mine would give a slight “thud” sensation in the air periodically. With no dampening resistance they would ... more »

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Incredible, well done Todd!

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Personally, I'll warm up the engine like you've done 3 or 4 times and ride it around the parking lot at the track 1/4 to 1/2 throttle. First time on the track I'll baby it some for 10 minutes and thats about it. Its worked for a few bikes now.......

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Contact Tom Morgan for his opinion

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A pitted cylinder head is not a big deal apparently, mine was as well and a very reputable engine builder said it was fine

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KX100 for sure. My 14yo is 5'9 and 160lbs on a 125 already. You hit a growth spurt and youll be out of the Mini bikes pretty quick.

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Shoulda fist pumped his f’n lights out !

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3 I think

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I see a ktm and a white ktm and a red ktm That it ?

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No camera on him at the time I suppose

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Get the ones with the ball on the end, about the only way to get allen heads at goofy angles.