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If you are not opening up the inner cartridge and changing that oil (may require special tool to set pressure after), you just empty all oil from the outer legs when you take the fork apart, and last thing you do is fill up with 370ml. Check YouTube. ... more »

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Do you cook all meal yourself? What is a typically daily menu for you? I would like to switch, but I have a hard time as it is to get to my 2500-3000 Cal per day without fast carbs or suger.

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Assuming your diet is reasonable on pair, the only thing that has showed some actual effect is ice bath. Other then that, do more low intensity training (zone 2). That will drastically improve recovery due to slow twitch muscle fibers helping transport ... more »

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No it would not change anything. It would make a difference if they where opposite to each other. It becomes oval horizontally, not vertically (edited)

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Only thing that keeps my herniated discs in place In my neck and back is strength training. Deadlifts, plank, Good mornings, back extensions + stomach exercise. If I had to pick one, deadlifts it is. Anything that is moving your back up and down is ok, ... more »

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1. Get an MRI 2. Strengthen your core 3. Ride with kidney belt.

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I think KTM has differentiated, but not as far. 100h easy on 450 clutch, 10-15h on Japs 450. Going from KTM position to Hinson just makes it to expensive for production.

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And not even that helps according to the video 😄

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Ktm/husky and it was oem clamp. What he says is that it is round, until you tighten it and then it becomes oval since you tighten both bolts it in the same "end". If it was not round untighten, the forks would not go up in the clamps. There is basically ... more »

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20nm up, and 12 down on the forks will help some. But I have the same issue, running 400+, oil and the forks starts to move in the clamp a lot easier. 380-385 I use all the stroke, but never any metal to metal feeling, always plush bottoming. 405-420 ... more »

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Both Hinson and Recluse (not the auto) is major upgrade for both Japs and ktm/husky. Big difference. Absolutely minimum drag, or slip, much better starts and more connected rear tire to the ground. Durability is fine on the Austrian stuff, but they absolutely ... more »

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Not only that. rear tire and chain is fixed, aligned. An engine that twists to much is not good for drive train.

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Spring rate: 39N/mm Compression: 15 Rebound: 15 Fork-leg height:2nd line Air: 130-140psi Race sag: 105 (35-40) Hi-compression: 2.0-2.5 Lo-compression: 15 Rebound: 15-18 with 42/39 spring.

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I also tend to shy away from it. To little opinions, no speculation, not enough insight. Also to much talk about non moto stuff. Who cares about football.

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Vince Friese lead several laps, and superminis was racing same track. Friese did good last year to at MEC. Gaiser would have no chance on Friese in SX Gaiser did good, but would still look like he belong to middpacked B-group if you put him at A1, or ... more »

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RBSR is a jippo. If you like to party, great, if you like racing, not. I love MEC for the sneak peak it provides. I would like them to add a 250 PRO class also, and even possibly a 125 class.

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You are an idiot if you where expecting something else, MEC has always been like this. Like, going to arenacross and expecting SX track, or "what, hangtown track is nowhere near Las Vegas final round of SX, so lame"...

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It is going to be several years before anything is ready for volume market according to Honda. No one wants to be first hand mover, and everybody wants to milk the spare part cash cow as far as they can.

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Nope. Same way I seen number of riders look like for first two seasons through SX until they got comfortable and some SX skills. Did you watch Thomas Covington this year? Same. Do you think Cairoli who is 9 time champion would look better than TG? I ... more »

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All guys running in A-group look comfortable and top 4-8 in B. Typically the ones making the main event. TG did not look like that. Don't get me wrong I love seeing him in MEC, one of the things making the event interesting. But also pointing out the ... more »