KX 500 11

I recommend the decompression valve mod for easy starting - and no more broken kick start levers!
I recommend the decompression valve mod for easy starting - and no more broken kick start levers! Thank you to Larry Wiechman for your great workmanship :) The lever broke at the base were it attaches to the shaft. Cylinder looked to be in ok condition, I sharpened the edges on the walls between the main transfer and auxiliary transfer ports. I noticed that there was some flash left over from the casting process so I had a go at cleaning it up and at the same time optimize the airflow. This is the first engine I've taken an engine apart so I didn't have much to go by other than what I could find online :s I was pretty fortunate with the frame because there was no signs of cracking and the top exhaust mount bracket was still intact. There was a fair amount of chain rub on the sub-frame though, from what I can see online this is a common problem with the big KX. The old pipe had taken a bit of a hit that caused it to foul one of the frame rails (arrow). I prefer a bare metal finish to chrome so would have been quite tempted to change it any way! Also circled is another broken bracket :( The heavy vibration had caused the mounting bracket to break off so had another one fabricated, broken brackets was a running theme on this bike!. The outer seams of the radiator were also re-welded. The old foot pegs and pins had got pretty worn and sloppy, the IMS pegs are also a little wider.
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General Info Additional Info
Model Year 1999
Brand Kawasaki
Model KX
Engine Size 500
Engine Type 2-Stroke
Parts Brand Model Additional info
Graphics Other
Plastic UFO
Handlebar Renthal
Exhaust Pro Circuit
Piston Wiseco
Air Filter Twin Air
Air Intake Moto Tassinari
Engine Mods Other
Additional Info The bike was imported from the States last year - there aren't as many 500's to choose from here in the UK, I got my hands on it in September. The condition of the bike wasn't too bad - usual problems of chain rub to subframe and a couple of broken brackets from all the vibration. The bike is actually a '99 but I wanted to make it look like a '93, I was riding a KX 60 back then and really liked the graphics - this was also the swan song year for the 500 in the nationals.
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