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Step Ramp Announces Launch of Innovative New Motorcycle Ramp 8

"Boise company introduces first motorcycle ramp with integrated stairs..." Cool or Overkill?

Vital MX: There’s nothing cool or sexy about loading a dirt bike into your truck. It is just something that you have to do if you want to go ride. But we’ve all had loading issues… Those of you who say you’ve never dropped a bike or had the ramp slide or the bike roll off the edge, are lying. Enter the Step Ramp. We haven’t used one ourselves but the concept is relatively fool proof. On side of the ramp is for your bike, the other has steps for you. Although it definitely seems on the pricey side for a ramp, the convenience and ego protection might make it worth it for some of us shorter riders.

Press Release


BOISE, IDAHO (December 5, 2018) — Step Ramp, a division of Backyard Living Source, Inc. announced this week the release of a revolutionary new motorcycle ramp. The Step Ramp addresses the danger and difficulty in loading and unloading motorcycles by neatly integrating ergonomically-spaced stairs into a traditional motorcycle ramp. 

“The Step Ramp creates a natural-motion loading and unloading experience that simplifies the process entirely” says creator and co-owner, Bryan Herrera. “I’ve spent years hearing horror stories of loading ramp accidents from friends and colleagues. There is no need for this process to be so dangerous. Getting your bike in your truck is a no reason to get hurt. I created the Step Ramp to help address this problem.”

The Step Ramp has been in development for over a year and is now available for preorder at with a ship date in early spring 2019. 

There are four photos and two logos attached to this email. To learn more about Step Ramp, to book an interview with Bryan, or to obtain additional digital assets, contact Tim Moore at 208-577-5524, email, or visit the website at Promotional video can be found here. Step Ramp can also be found on Instagram and Facebook.


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