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You guys can say what you want about his work ethic but for someone to complete a Leo academy they have to put in the work. Simple as that. He married his lady and became a cop. It says a lot for a dude to give up his whole early life of racing to transition ... more »

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What’s up with that pastrana shoei

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That prodigy stuff is the nicest gear I’ve ever owned, glws

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Conspiracy theory: He’s a mid-change trans and didn’t want to be exposed by the beaver

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Manual focus on a moving subject is difficult to master, I’d definitely try keeping it on auto focus, manual settings. Master that, then try fiddling with the auto focus off. There’s so much to photography in general, adding a moving target into the ... more »

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Man you’re right about that go pro, could watch it all day. Jessy Nelson had some of the most insane sprint speed. I remember watching him the night he won A1 and thinking is there any way someone can go faster on a 250? There were some people in the ... more »

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Found a deal on here and have no use for this shock. Not sure if it will fit the current gen 450. Was told it was setup by Race Tech with the internals for an A class rider at 150 lbs. Buyer to verify spring rate and applications. Lightly used, good

... more »

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Yea for reel

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Thing is uglier than homemade sin

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Have any of you naysayers ever had an actual concussion? Or seen a friend with a concussion for that matter? Dude recalled the incident to a T and then sounded fine on the podium afterwards. Still made the podium. Gnarly motherf$$$$er

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That’s funny, I always thought vohland had more of a flashy style

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I watch his stuff. He knows pretty well what he’s talking about and he’s just a regular dude so he gets a thumbs up from me

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“Tell me you don’t know shit about suspension, without telling me you don’t know shit about suspension” LOL

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Just so you know, the instincts run a small. So your size 10 sneaks are really going to be closer to an 11 instinct

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So about that Racetown/Sunrise track...

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Come to California and buy Sunrise/Racetown.

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I just don’t get why the races are always shown as some sort of exhibition event and there’s gotta be some Cool new fun Supercross facts thrown in everywhere. Science of supercross, makeup to mud, now this guy talking about tear offs flaggers and trivial ... more »

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Hey guys just want you to know I have an opinion and it’s really not a good one. Thanks for listening ttyl