17' KTM Map Selector Switch - Doesn't Turn Off

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1/1/2018 12:08 PM


As the title says, my switch wont turn off and its draining the battery. Has any one encountered this problem?

I have narrowed the problem down (I believe) to the relay on the starter solenoid. Im unable to locate the part in in any parts diagram that would make sense.

Any and all help appreciated


1/1/2018 1:49 PM

It's a computer. Disconnect the battery for 30 seconds and see if it resets.


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1/1/2018 3:29 PM

Yeah, tried that in a way. Had a race yesterday, charged before leaving and disconnected battery then reconnected in pits.

Thanks for the idea.


1/2/2018 11:03 AM

I had the problem that my fuel pump was turning on by itself, also draining the battery. I changed the starter relay and it fixed it, not sure if it will fix your problem but worth a shot since it only costs $10. Photo

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1/4/2018 4:00 PM

Thanks a ton. Ill get that ordered ASAP!


1/16/2018 9:05 AM

Ultimately captmoto you were correct. I disconnected EVERYTHING electrical and let it sit for a while.

This is just an FYI if you're having the problem.

The bike devolved a second quirk. After turning off the bike the fuel pump would cycle twice. When adding the new criteria to the google-ator i discovered the root cause was using a trickle charger. The bike was sensing current when charging and freakin out to be scientific. After disconnecting the ground for a couple of hours, to let the ecu "reset" the problem was solved.

Long story short, disconnect the ground when charging.


3/10/2021 10:00 AM

Refreshing this cause I am having a similar issue after washing a 2020 FC250. Although I tried disconnecting battery and then as soon as I reconnect fuel pump primes, then lights on the switch stay on. Disconnected starter, and what I "think" is the main relay and it still happens...any thoughts?


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