Justin Cooper?

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6/24/2018 6:54 AM

First off I just want to say how truly sorry I am for JMart. I’m keeping him and his family in my prayers.

That was such a nasty crash I’m just curious if Cooper was hurt. I know he got back up and finish the Moto. Any word on Cooper?


6/24/2018 8:10 PM

I saw Justin for the first time at Loretta Lynns last year and have been a fan ever since! I'm hoping he has a bright future in our sport!


6/25/2018 2:51 AM

From Justin's Instagram:
justincooper62_Muddy Creek is over and done with. Started the day out really great being fastest in both qualifying sessions. First moto P-2 and second moto had a freak racing accident on the first lap, really such a bummer for the both of us and it isn’t an easy pill to swallow hearing the news of @jeremymartin6 Wish him a speedy recovery and somehow everyone was able to avoid me which I’m extremely thankful for. Man I’m extremely sore today, but I’m also nothing but thankful for my support crew??Some things you just can’t prevent when there are so many riders in such a tight space, there is another angle of the crash if you swipe right. Again, freak accident out of both of our control while once in the air, gotta keep moving forward.


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