2022 CRF450R Check Before Your First Ride..

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9/2/2021 8:10 AM

Howdy y'all, hope all is gucci. I recently (a week ago) was fortunate enough to pick up a 2022 CRF450. As you could guess, I was beyond excited to go ride and did a real half-ass bolt check before channeling my inner Baltimore wheelie boy right out of my garage. There is a coolant temperature sensor that threads on to the back of the cylinder head that was less than hand tight, in return spewing coolant. I love Honda and have been a Honda guy for years, and have never had an issue like this. So in no way is this a slam toward Honda, stuff happens. Just wanted to share this to hopefully save someone a headache down the road. Tightened it up, no issues, bike is awesome. Fingers crossed this was just a one time deal with my bike and not a mass production issue. But in the grand scheme of manufacture defects/recalls ect. this is nothing. Have a good weekend bros.


9/2/2021 8:17 AM

BobbyBigLines wrote:

Howdy y'all, hope all is gucci. I recently (a week ago) was fortunate enough to pick up a 2022 CRF450. As you could guess, I ...more

Good info! Thanks!

BTW...literally spit my coffee all over my desk at your second sentence! Thanks for the laugh, that image I got in my head was priceless! laughing laughing


9/2/2021 10:30 AM

Lube up them bearings.


9/2/2021 10:41 AM

My buddies new 2018 CRF450 had loose bolts on the valve cover, all the bolts fell out obviously noticed it when oil was pouring down the side of the engine.


9/2/2021 1:59 PM

No matter what brand i always go through every nut and bolt when i have a new bike, people make mistakes, no brand is exempt from that. Plus I crease/lube linkage and steering head before first ride as difficult as it is not to ride it immediately.


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9/2/2021 2:06 PM

I am fortunate enough to have friends that accept me for who I am, which is a terrible
Mechanic. I do the basic stuff but very fortunate to have a former race team guy that just doesn't want me to get hurt. He framed mine first, then we did suspension, bars and chassis stuff, then we rode it.

Nothing short of an amazing motorcycle. The only thing that's reminds you it a 450 is the power. It handles so well I am 100% back to comfy on a 450 after spending 6 years on 250fs.