Alta Redshift MXR - Demo Ride Impression

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5/26/2018 9:57 AM
Edited Date/Time: 5/30/2018 6:27 PM

A few weekends ago I had the opportunity to ride the Alta Redshift MXR thanks to the folks at Championship Powersports who hosted a demo day at Mx-Express Toledo. From this opportunity, I wanted to share my experience and give a short, unbiased initial impression of the 4 laps I was able to spin aboard the Redshift MXR.

Keep in mind that I’m a mid-pack C class rider who strives to have fun and enjoy the weekend. I’ve ridden, and owned a range of modern day big bikes including Yamaha, Kawasaki and KTM 125’s to 450’s.

Engine: The power output of the Alta Redshift MXR is impressive! During the four laps that I rode, I used second map which is rated on a scale of one to four (four being the most powerful). I was very surprised at how much torque this bike would produce even while in a lower map setting. The initial power delivery is comparable to a strong 250 two-stroke and the bike continues to pull strong throughout the midrange.

Handling: Simply put, this is the best handling bike I have ever ridden. Despite weighing in at 259 pounds, I was able to carve inside ruts, rail the outside berms, and even tackle flat corners with ease. The lack of internal rotating mass really makes the bike feel light and controllable.

The most direct comparison to the cornering ability of the Redshift MXR is a well setup 125 two-stroke.

Battery: Although I spent most of the day waiting in line due to downtime while recharging the battery, I feel like if I were to own a Redshift MXR with my riding style I’d be able to get three, ten to fifteen minute motos on a motocross track with one complete charge.

Standing in line for most of my experience at the Alta demo day did leave a bit of a salty taste but considering there were four bikes for seventy-five other riders it is hard to really speak for the battery’s capability without actually owning one.

Brakes: The Alta Redshift MXR comes equipped with a Brembo brake package that feels very similar to the KTM’s I have either ridden or owned. The braking system offered plenty of power when needed and a great feel at the levers. The rear brake felt a little grabby at times, but I believe this is mostly due to the lack of seat time on this bike. Overall I’m very satisfied with the braking ability of the Redshift MXR.

Suspension: The Alta Redshift MXR comes equipped with WP AER 48 air forks and an Alta spec WP rear shock. Although I have previously never ridden with a set of air forks, I was pleased with the overall feel and characteristics of the stock WP AER 48 air forks. The forks held up well through braking bumps and did not have a vague feeling that seems to be commonly associated with air forks.

The Alta spec WP rear shock worked well in the corners and chop, but jumping was a different story. The first medium sized table top I launched produced a very springy and energetic reaction, almost as if the shock was low on nitrogen (if you have ever ridden an older bike with blown out suspension you know this feeling). This bouncy reaction greatly affected my confidence hitting jumps on the track, so I decided early on that I wasn’t going to push my luck. Despite this, I believe that with a good day of tuning and more seat time this issue can be resolved. If nothing else, a good suspension shop can revalve it for a better feel.

Recommendations: If I were to purchase an Alta Redshift MXR today, the only big modification I would consider is revalving the suspension. Once the suspension is dialed in, I feel like this bike would be an absolute blast to own.

Overall Impression: The Alta Redshift MXR is an impressive bike, especially when considering the short amount of time it has taken for Alta to develop this machine. At my “C” class skill level this bike leaves nothing more to desire in the engine, braking, and handling departments. Although I experienced shortcomings with the shock while jumping, it is nothing that can’t be adjusted around with an experienced tuner or a proper revalve.

Based off of my demo experience I would put the Alta Redshift MXR on my shortlist of bikes to consider purchasing in the future. The Redshift MXR is a great platform to build from and there is no denying that it would allow myself and other owners an opportunity to ride more frequently due to the lack of maintenance. One of the biggest downsides to the Redshift MXR is the initial cost which falls at the higher end of the price range, despite the recent price reductions.

If you have any questions feel free to let me know and I’ll do my best to answer.


5/29/2018 10:28 AM

Nice review- I have basically made up my mind to buy a 2019. Looking forward to building a track on my 5 acres...


5/29/2018 2:56 PM

Thanks. This bike would be well suited for someone with a backyard track. You could easily sneak in a few motos throughout the week without having to worry about air filter maintenance and running up engine hours.


6/1/2018 9:46 PM
Edited Date/Time: 6/1/2018 9:47 PM

Nice report. What was your first impression of not having to shift and it being such a quiet bike? Was it “foreign” for a half-lap or lap, then just felt like any other good bike (or better)...a tool to get the job done?


6/2/2018 8:46 PM

Ted722 wrote:

Nice report. What was your first impression of not having to shift and it being such a quiet bike? Was it “foreign” for a ...more

Thanks. I thought the bike was very easy to get used to, even with the short amount of laps I was able to ride it. I felt like not having to shift was actually beneficial as it allowed me to focus more on riding rather focusing on shifting. I've heard of other people saying they found themselves reaching for a shifter, although I did not experience that. As far as the quiet noise, I found myself going faster in certain sections, such as the rollers, as I didn't have a noise or specific gear to judge my speed. This aspect is a little tricky at first, but with more seat time I'm sure you'd be able to adapt.

Within a few laps I was comfortable enough to ride my normal pace, although I was not hitting all the jumps I normally would. The bike feels good and the handling I thought was amazing. With a better suspension setup, I'd say this bike is definitely a capable tool to get the job done.


6/8/2018 10:26 PM

Nice review! I was there at MX Express with my MX and MXR.

I agree and confirm everything that you are saying about the bike, the power, the handling, and the suspension. Yes, the MXR indeed needs a shock revalve to add more low-speed control, this is why I wasn't riding mine. I am shipping out my suspension on Monday to some tuner that I do not know, but who revalved one MXR before with good results.

Meanwhile, Alta is working on better shock shim stacks. Unlike other manufacturers, they share their findings with their customers. Also, Kreft Moto is testing the Alta's suspension this month as well. I may want their Revalve Control, eventually.


6/9/2018 7:11 AM

Connor Holio wrote:

Nice review! I was there at MX Express with my MX and MXR.

I agree and confirm everything that you are saying about the ...more

Would be interesting to hear your thoughts after you ride with the revalve. I think it would make a huge difference. I've heard of lot of good things about Kreft working on WP, but I've never personally rode with it.