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Michael's Picks

ML's Take: Drool...


ML's Take: MXGP's take on the 90's YZ.


ML's Take: And toss in Canada's rendition.


ML's Take: Myspace...simpler times.


ML's Take: Just some 125s playing in the sand.


Lewis' Picks

Lewis' Take: Can we get some more respect behind this man's name, please? Thank you.


Lewis' Take: This is an interesting story. No deal for next year and in the form of his life...


Lewis' Take: I don't understand the Austin Forkner hate that's around. This post's modest.


Lewis' Take: Check Jorge Prado's time from the last lap of race one at Lommel. Go, look.


Jamie's Picks

Jamie's Take: These kids today just don’t know. Bud Man on 80s in the 80s, they couldn’t hang.


Jamie's Take: Choice A, Phil! ‘A’ all day. He never disappoints.


Jamie's Take: The sand of Lommel looks like so much fun. (That was sarcasm if you missed it)


Jamie's Take: This is greatness. “My smokin hot wife back home”. “Wooooohooooo”


Jamie's Take: Austin Forkner got very luck Saturday. Those battle wounds look painful.


Jamie's Take: So bummed for my guy, Ryder Floyd. Glad to have him back racing.

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