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The MXGP and Pro Motocross crossover event is a dream, but for how long?

The recent Monster Energy Motocross of Nations confirmed that there is a demand for 'special' events in this sport, as long as they fit the bill. Motocross organizers were poised to fulfil that demand with a mid-season event that would pit the best in the FIM Motocross World Championship and Pro Motocross series against one another with points awarded for both series.

It was in the summer of 2022 that rumors about this unnamed hybrid event initially surfaced, and validity was presented when it was confirmed to this scribe that David Luongo of Infront Moto Racing had alerted multiple team managers that such a race would be run in the United States as early as 2024. Notice was served so that this could be considered when constructing budgets for the future and chatter spread like wildfire, just as one would expect.

For a couple of weeks, that is, then inactivity doused the flames to the point where this mysterious event is no longer referenced. Luongo was kind enough to offer some perspective in an exclusive chat. "It is a project that we have talked about for two years now," he stated. "I will not talk on behalf of MX Sports or Feld Entertainment, but we have had a fantastic relationship in recent years and met at RedBud. Now we exchange emails or calls each month to talk about motocross in general.

"It is something that I do appreciate a lot," he continued whilst in a reflective mood. "This project has to be made in a good way. It may take the time that it needs, but I believe that it is the dream of every fan. It was [a dream] for my father for forty years – he did this a bit in the 'Masters of Motocross' in the 1990s, but not officially. It was like a pirate series. It is important that this is made for the good of everybody, as there cannot be a winner or loser in this project, and so it is something that may take time."

It was in August that Luongo confirmed that this round would not be run next season, as initially rumored, and the final quote in the excerpt above sheds some light on the enormity of the challenge that this poses internally. It is understood that Infront Moto Racing, Feld Entertainment and MX Sports Pro Racing would be equal partners on this endeavor – the cost and profit would need to be divided in a way that reflects the input from each party. There are additional challenges like the format and whatnot.

J.P. Acevedo

Emphasis should be placed on the value, because this event has the potential to be far more brilliant than the Monster Energy Motocross of Nations. Could the magnitude of this combined race surpass and tarnish that prestigious race? "I'm not concerned, because they are not the same event," Luongo pondered when posed with this hypothetical situation. "You said that if this happens then it will be the biggest event in our world, and this is clear, because you would have the best forty riders in both classes.

"I don't think that this would jeopardize the Motocross of Nations, because the 'Nations is unique as they defend their nation and are proud of defending their flag," Luongo continued in the private setting. "These are really two different events." Most exciting is that this event is discussed in the present tense, not past, because it is very much alive. Luongo supported that sentiment. "We will see what the future brings. I am confident that we may succeed in doing this," he affirmed.

Exact details are unknown, but this race would be run in the United States and provide points for the FIM Motocross World Championship and Pro Motocross. The 450F riders would compete in a single race and be scored as they reach the finish, not separated by championship, which would maximize the effort level from those in competition. Few additional details have seeped through the rumor mill. This is speculative, of course, so allow us to return to the facts that surround this situation.

Fans were dismayed to learn that the 2024 FIM Motocross World Championship does not include a Grand Prix of any description in the United States, but the series will not return to North America until this format is ready to be implemented. "Yeah, because we have these twenty races," Luongo agreed. "I think that it is better to go to the United States for a Grand Prix when it is done in that way [with the crossover format]. It is better to go to other places until then, but if we manage to do this event then it will be great."

With the success of that Monster Energy Motocross of Nations and SuperMotocross World Championship, it is abundantly clear that the sport is 'booming' in its current form. The addition of an event of this nature would push the professional scene to a place that could be considered perfection. Should one desperately cling to the idea of this becoming a reality as soon as 2025? Perhaps. The powers that be are daring to dream.


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