Vital MX Pit Bits: Spring Creek 4

With the pre-race rain, action, fans, music, and fun, this was a bit like the Woodstock of this year's MX season.

Vital MX Pit Bits: Spring Creek

When you head to Millville, you're in Martin country. From left to right, it's Alex, John, and Jeremy Martin.

After being MIA for a few seasons, the Whoop Monster made his return, and had some awards to hand out to the top privateers.

The Whoop Monster also brought a variety of noisemakers to keep riders on their toes. Bells, whistles, a chainsaw, and this big horn were all on hand.

With several inches of rain arriving in the days before the race, ruts were the order of the weekend. In the camping areas, things were a bit of a muddy mess, rather than the usual park-like setting.

Lee McCollum helping Kyle Cunningham find the perfect setting for a new set of bars.

After running out of fuel at Southwick (with an oversized tank, and topping off before the race), the JGR squad checked with Suzuki to go even more oversized on their tank for Justin Barcia to ensure it doesn't happen again.

Heath Harrison has been running these Enzo Subtanks on his River/Yamaha most of the year, but they're usually well-hidden under the number plate. These are for KYB SSS spring forks, and they improve bottoming resistance while trying to replicate the pressure increase deep in the stroke that an air fork has.

Some weeks might include a build before the race, after the race, or in the case of the Team Tedder guys this week, both.

With tons of sand on the Spring Creek course (over 100 loads were added in this year alone), Many riders were using the same rear tire that they'd had mounted up in Southwick.

There was lots of new gear on hand this weekend. Fox is doing their intro this week, but did a little sneak-peek of the '18 line on the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki team.

Cooper Webb was in a couple different batches of new Thor gear, but this one was our favorite. We'd guess it was Yamaha's favorite, too. They're fond of blue.

Marvin was rocking new Thor gear, too, and there's no better way to introduce some new good than with a win.

Aaron Plessinger and the Yamalube Star Racing Yamaha crew got their shot at new stuff, too.

Jason Anderson only got a chance to show off his new gear in practice and early in the first moto. We hear that he was on a road ride last week, when a mountain biker unexpectedly pulled onto the road from a side trail. The collision put Jason on the ground, and he had some pretty bad road rash (including on his palms) and stitches. He gave it a shot in the first moto, but opted out early. gear for Eli Tomac? We can't say that we'd seen this set before.

Justin Barcia was rocking some new gear last weekend, and he's been turning up the heat a bit.

What? It's time for some new 100% goggles? Why yes it is. Coop was dialed in.

Here's a batch of some of the other new goods. Look for these in shops soon.

The Whoop Monster got Christian Craig in practice, flicking him off his Honda in a big way.

This is about the time you go, "Uh-oh."

Then the bike does the sudden stop...and you keep going.

And it's all over but the rag-dolling.

How much does Andy Dalton (who wrenches for Shane McElrath) like being at the races? Enough that we've spotted him camping at the track at a couple rounds this season. That's not usually something we see team mechanics doing.

Nighttime entertainment? Of course! The gang at Spring Creek always hook up the fans with a pre-race concert. This year it was Maiden Dixie.

Do you have that good pre-race psych-up tune? Apparently Justin Bogle does.

Ugh. We spotted Luke Renzland pulling his bike off the track on the last lap of moto one. We're not sure if it was fuel, or a mechanical, but that was tough to see.

Marvin Musquin and Dean Wilson were pumped at going 1-2 in the overall at Spring Creek.

Even a crash in moto two couldn't keep Zach Osborne from grabbing the moto win. There are still 12 motos left, but at the rate he's going, he could have this wrapped up before the season finale in Indiana.

With the retirements of Ryan Dungey and Trey Canard this season, it leaves Marvin Musquin as the only 450 rider for this season. Who does Roger DeCoster sign for a teammate to the talented Frenchman? If you believe the jungle drums (and it's only a rumor at this point), Broc Tickle could be under the orange tent next season.

The deep ruts in the corners (and occasionally running up on a lapped rider) made things interesting on occasion. We can't say that we've seen this style very often.

On consecutive laps in the same corner, we spotted Adam Cianciarulo and Zach Osborne battling over some real estate.

This was one of Zach Osborne's preferred passing spots, and he got it done a lap later.

Matt Bisceglia has had a rough '17 season, sitting sidelined with an ankle injury. It was good to see him back in action at Spring Creek.

Matt checking in with suspension feedback for Showa's Ryo Okuda after one of the practice sessions.

While Matt was supposed to be on the JGR squad, with Phil Nicoletti returning from injury soon (and the truck full, and near the weight limit), they were trying to figure out how they were going to put everyone under their tent. RCH/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing needed a rider to fill in for Broc Tickle, and Matt was available, so...Way to rip a nice holeshot on your first race back, Matt. He was tenth in moto one.

RJ Hampshire's butt patch said, "RJ Who?"

Ruh-roh. Justin Hill was injured in practice, and didn't make it to the motos.

Yep, by the time they get everything loaded into the rig, there's not a lot of room left.

After the scary pit fire that the RCH/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing team had in Colorado, we're seeing a few more fire extinguishers in the pits.

Here's a little moto art for you...

Jeremy Martin got dialed in with a pre-race massage on Friday.

The trophies sure were unique this year, but we have to say, they weren't very comfortable to wear. Oops...did we say that out loud?

That big flat seat can only mean one thing. Welcome back, Benny Bloss.

A 14th in moto one was the best of Benny's weekend.

Justin Barcia went for a big haircut this week.

As usual, there were some sweet scooters parked at the Legends and Heroes area.

Jake Loberg getting in touch with the Minnesota fans before the start of the motos.

The Spring Creek crew has a pretty good system for keeping the hose nozzles off the ground.

The crew shirts this year were a pretty cool tribute to the recently-retired Ryan Dungey.

Brazilian rider, Gustavo Souza, has scored points in several motos this season while making the rounds as a privateer.

Ugh. There was recently a split between the Slater and the rest of the Blue Buffalo squad, which is why there was a different look for their bike this weekend. Jerry Robin and the crew are trying to make it to the rest of the races, so it was tough to watch his bike not fire in time for the gate drop in moto one. He did make it out onto the track, but ended up with a 38-39 day.

Uh-oh, it looks like there's a new boss under the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki tent. (It's one of Mitch's twin boys.)

We're not sure if this is what the vikings had in mind for eye protection. We're guessing they probably weren't into that sort of thing. But if you go 1-1 for the first time, why not? Way to go, Marvin.

Ah yeah, that butt patch works.

That's all folks. No matter what people tell you, the track wasn't this wet. You needed a little run-off for this one.

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