Vital MX Pit Bits: Fox Raceway 1

Ready for another too-large version of Pit Bits? Better pack some snacks for this one.

Vital MX Pit Bits: Fox Raceway

Fox Raceway had a bunch of work done to it in the months before the race, and it showed.

Fox did up some very trick team-only retro gear for the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki guys.

We hear that Fox floated the idea of these graphics (and old school numbers) for the weekend to match the gear, but that it got shot down by the guys at Kawasaki.

Adam Cianciarulo in the new gear.

...and Garrett Marchbanks.

Collect the whole set. These Huskys even caught the eye of Roger DeCoster, who stopped by to chat. Yep, that's his autograph on the one on the right.

Christian Craig went a little off script from the rest of the team, and had this great-looking custom helmet paint from Korsace.

Justin Barcia was doing a little clean-up on his Arai helmets after the muddy weekend at Hangtown.

Hmm...that shock is a little less factory looking than we might expect on a factory Yamaha. 2020?

There might be an extra coating or two, but we also hear that the internals here are very close to production.

Dean Ferris was getting a linkage change after the first practice.

This is a little different. We spotted an AIM Evo5 GPS and data logger unit on Brandon Hartranft's bike.

Looking at Aim's web site, a lot of the usual applications appear to be auto-related, but they obviously work here as well.

The River/Yamaha guys have their race shop at Asterisk, who makes some cool carbon bits for them, like these radiator braces.

Oh, those brakes...and rotor...and the hubs... (Eli Tomac's bike.)

Those welds on Eli Tomac's Pro Circuit exhaust are looking good.

Kibby and crew working on their TPS reports.

The red plates always look good on a Honda.

Over at Team Honda HRC, their hold up forks are tricker than lots of factory forks.

Lugs on the bikes take a beating.

Cole Seely's KYB forks use this slick cover.

The temps at Pala were low enough that most of the GEICO Honda guys opted to not run fans on their bikes. The mounting points are set and ready to go for when they are needed.

Gared Steinke was pitted with the SKVI/Moto XXX guys this weekend. Even better, he made the show on time, and didn't have to go through the LCQ.

The MX Tech fork uses three air chambers in one fork, which makes it pretty interesting. There's a ton of adjustability, but we hear it's also pretty complicated to set up. How about those clamps?

What's that? Oh, just a billet bike stand from Bolt Hardware.

Stank's bike also has a set of Fastway Pro Moto Billet Air EXT pegs.

There's a lot going on with Stankdog's engine. Goodies include Boyesen covers, Lectron carb, and VHM head. Interestingly, he was running a stock pipe and silencer. He dropped out partway through the second moto, and we're not sure if it was mechanical, biomechanical, or after a crash.

MX Tech National shock is equally interesting.

You are not going to miss the seat cover on Stankdog's bike.

Jensen Hendler had these carbon covers mounted up to protect Martin Castelo's fork legs.

Whoa, that's a lot of orange. Lots of sprockets were being replaced this week after last week's mud action.

We caught Carlos Rivera working through his pre-race checklist of most recent settings. He likes the old school notebook method, because it never crashes, can't be hacked, and it doesn't have to be charged.

Marvin going through his weekly adjustment of bars and levers.

There was lots of suspension data being collected on Cooper Webb's bike.

The Red Bull KTM guys often use these units to see what's going on with the suspension in practice, and sometimes during the races. One of the knocks used to be that they were a bit on the fragile side. Carlos Rivera first started using them with the Honda team and has figured out how to repair them and keep them running smoothly.

Wilson Todd helped fill in at the Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/KTM squad after Mitchell Falk went out with a collarbone injury at Hangtown.

He was rocking the 205 on his bike.

Checking in on other wayward Aussies, Hunter Lawrence was second in moto two, but a wayward rock damaged the oil filter cover in moto one, which caused him to DNF.

Todd Waters was 13th overall this week, and just missed out on a top ten in moto two.

The last Aussie on our radar, Dean Ferris, was 11th overall.

You're halfway! Keep going! (That's Brandan Leith's mechanic.)

Yep, the Red Bull KTM guys add some stability during part of the Supercross season, and pretty much all of the outdoors.

Getting the wheel and chain alignment really precise.

There were lots of 110s in the pits, including this one for the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki truck driver. The team mechanics helped him set it up after hours. Now if he could just remember the race...

Ryan Villopoto was running red plates on both his bikes...a 110, and the 125. Remember, Team USA did win the Pit Bike of Nations at RedBud. RV's also doing a Pit Bike race with some NASCAR drivers at the Chicagoland Speedway later this summer.

Ah yeah, it's mousse season. At the Dunlop rig they use a ring of tire irons to undo one side.

Then they use the Abaconda to dismount the other side.

Whoa, the Dunlop guys had a lot of work to do changing tires after Hangtown. Dave Feeney made the tire run.

Hoosier is now camped in the pits, selling and mounting their tires for pro customers.

When you have starter batteries, plus fan batteries, and four team riders, you've got a lot of charging to do. This is in the Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/KTM rig.

We saw some Southwest-looking Alpinestars gear for Eli Tomac last weekend, and this time out he had a new purple/white combo.

Astars also had a trio (at least) of new hand-painted gear for Justin Barcia. Which one do you like? One?


...or three?

Jason Anderson had some wild checkers to go with pink and yellow.

Hmm...that front end alignment. Blake Baggett had to make a mid-moto pit stop in moto one for a front wheel change.

It was good to see Weston Peick hanging out at the race.

Chad Reed was also on hand to check the action. Obviously, the way he's leaning up on the bike, the ribs are doing a lot better.

Doh! One of Brandon Hartranft's footpegs went missing during the day on Saturday.

The Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki guys completely flocked their bikes up between practices.

Ben LaMay has been showing some good speed lately. He qualified 22nd here, but only rode the first practice.

Why did he sit out of the second practice? He felt like he'd wounded his bike a bit in the deep muck at Hangtown, and opted to put in a new piston during the second practice. Now that's privateer life.

Stacyc had a demo area set up to allow kids to try out their bikes. Apparently, they were also dispensing smiles.

We love seeing kids hop aboard demo bikes (like this display unit) and dream big.

Before the 125 race this week, we caught Nate Ramsey giving some last-minute instructions to Josh Varize.

With the start straight being a little overwatered, Ryan Villopoto and Andrew Hertzler lined up on the far outside. They immediately headed for the hardpack and rounded the first turn in first and second.

Here's what it looked like when everyone met up in the first turn. RV was tucked back and letting it rip.

Early on, it was all Ryan Villopoto...until Josh Varize started to reel him in.

Andrew Hertzler finished in third spot.

Josh Varize passed Ryan Villopoto just past the halfway point, and while RV closed the gap at times, he made a couple mistakes which cost him time.

The fans were psyched on the race and outcome. Ryan stopped to give Josh some kudos afterward.

Kris Keefer missed out qualifying for his second national under the Smartop MotoConcepts Racing banner this weekend, but learned a lot, and had a ton of fans stop by to say hi.

JGR introduced their new line of engine packages and accessories for the RM-Z250 and RM-Z450. You can check the homepage for more info.

How about we end this with a little style, courtesy of, Justin Bogle...

...Ken Roczen...

...and Zach Osborne? (Check the foot position.)

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