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Type O just means your less likely, but you can still get it. I'm Type O Neg, had it and got through it. It's also been 10+ years since I've had the flu and don't get flu shots, plus no spleen.

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I bet his live YT show while on patrol will be cancelled by his dept. Was he paying attention to telling stories instead of what's going on right in front of him? Who knows, but I hope your buddy recovers.

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Might want to get retested and also get an anti-body test to see if you've had it already. Peace of mind to know, especially with your crew all coming down with it.

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How in the heck did I miss this. Glad to see you've been hanging about the board BL. I have some old pics I need to dig up of a Motodrive meetup we had at Glen Helen years back. For anyone that hasn't met BL in person, one the the coolest cats you'll ... more »

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That's a bummer to hear Reese. Hopefully he recovers strong and gets out the hospital. Just being in that place makes you feel sick!

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Been 9 days since my last post and now about 20 days into this sickness. Last Thursday I woke up feeling like death was sweeping over me. When from feeling very mild symptoms to a full blown fever drenched in sweat and having zero energy and appetite. ... more »

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Both my wife and I currently have it. She got it from another teacher at her school.(They've been doing zoom meetings from the classroom with students at home). This person came to my wife's classroom to give her some headphones unmasked and my wife ... more »

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I don't think from a builder perspective you could put a number on this. Nearly all the parts are one off HRC factory pieces or exact replicas that are hand built/machined that cannot be bought by the regular person. It's years of sourcing and creating ... more »

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724, July 24th Bday. Had this since I was a kid, changed to 122 for a few years when I got back into riding, then back to 724 again. My old number 122 - 1 wife, 2 kids and 2 dogs.

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My son just recently moved back home (Upland, CA) from Pocatello. He went to ISU the last 4 years and is getting ready to head back in a couple weeks to try and find a job. We have close ties with Pocatello PD and Fire so he's trying to get in with them. ... more »

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The best looking gear designs of all time. Especially the Honda and Yamaha gear.

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Was about to say the same. The only strangeness to the set-up is them using the old OEM round disk instead of the update wave disk. Possibly because of muddier conditions.

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For a long time, Hondas have used four rear disc bolts.

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First thing I thought of when I saw that photo. Looks like a bucket on his head.

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I tried to emulate everything Marty did in the magazines when I was a kid. Truly a riders hero and will be missed. RIP Marty and Nancy, my thoughts are with the family.

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I understand the circumstances, but they are dragging the picks out during the broadcast. I'm compassionate and feel for those that have lost or have sick loved ones during this pandemic, but for selfish reasons this years draft is a huge bummer for ... more »

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If any of you guys need/interested in Komatsu in So Cal, hit a brother up!

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If you honestly think it's truly 20,000 deaths due to Covid-19 as the main cause of death then debating with you is a lost cause. It's been admitted by Fauci himself that if someone died of a heart attack, but happened to have Covid at the time of death, ... more »

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