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Who doesn't need more Pro Taper goodies?

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Added a comment about feature 12 Days of MXMas: Stacyc 12/4/2019 2:55 PM

My 4 year old nephew been wanting one of these for 5 years!

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This. I honestly doubt there will be any noses rubbed at Kawi by bringing on AC and letting Savatgy go. AC's future, potential and charisma is 10x.

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This is great Tony, thanks for putting this up. I raced an '82 CR80 so I'm biased toward these bikes.

Added reply in a thread Matthes Confirms Cooper Broke His Hand 10/2/2019 3:42 PM

I sustained a boxers break in my hand on the pinky knuckle when I was in high school. Got pissed off and hit a solid oak door as hard as I could and it snapped that bone like a toothpick. I've been through some doozies in my life, collapsed lung, splenectomy, ... more »

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Looks amazing guys, keep it coming.

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Please forgive my ignorance here. What's the rule on bikes regards to factory specs? Is the US allowed to spec as those in MXGPs? Carbon sub frames, internals, geometry changes, ect.

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Well there you go guys, dimetime spoke and he claims Eli Tomac is a bitch. The rhetoric you just posted shows us all that you're a complete headcase. Neither of these riders have anything to prove to anyone.

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The difference between the golden 80's era and the current era above, is I can't tell if that's a dude or a chick. Dun dun dun. That could be a Filipino dude for all we know. At least back in the day I knew she was legit from the get go.

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Regardless of the clown show at BOS, Anthony didn't do himself any favors in the eyes of other perspective teams. With as much as he hits the deck, I'm surprised anyone would invest their time or money. I saw him wad up in the first turn at a GH national ... more »

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Unfortunately, last year isn't this year and in this game you're only as good as your last race.

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Supreme was not created by Louis Vuitton. They are their own brand that was born within the NYC skate culture. Yes, they did a collaboration with Louis Vuitton 2 years back as they've done with a thousand other brands over the years, but they stand on ... more »

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Poor Michael is going to get a million different questions now.

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Ken should probably take a year off for some R&R starting right now.

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I've rubbed elbows in the Vet class with Mr. Info at REM in years past. The couple times I've been in common conversation with he and other riding buddies he seemed like an all around good dude. It's too bad his internet persona makes him out to be a ... more »

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Because orange helmet logic.

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Mike Brown lapped me at a Glen Helen practice day back in 2004 and I was super pissed that a Pro Rider would have the nerve to ride so fast on an open Thursday practice day. What are these guys thinking around us less experienced riders going so dang ... more »

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We can all feel the hate your exuding and don't come back and say we're taking it the wrong way. Get over it, you'll be just fine.

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The Vitard living up to it's name.

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I'm betting Marchbanks is going to shut everyone up in the next 2 years. I'll necro this post on 8/4/2021 to see where he's at.