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If you were looking over the topics in the Vital MX Forum prior to round five of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship at Muddy Creek Raceway, there was some topics regarding bold comments from Blake Baggett on the Pulp MX show, and a tweet response from Jason Anderson calling him out for it. Even after the day of racing in Tennessee, it continued in the press conference.

There's no doubt that Blake has a bunch of confidence this season. He's found something on his Rocky Mountain ATV/MC-KTM-WPS 450 that has him looking better than he has since...well, when he won his 250 outdoor title in 2012. He came into Muddy Creek as the 450 points leader, with the red plate. He hasn't been shy about letting everyone know that he thinks he can compete with the riders at the top of the class.

Our take? We love it.

If you go way back in the sport, you had guys like Bob Hannah talking about hating their competition, or trying to break their legs. Of course, we can't condone hearing riders threatening to do each other harm, since there are already plenty enough ways to get hurt in this sport. The riders do have to trust and watch out for each other. But on the other hand, we don't think exhibiting some personality or Alpha dog tendencies is necessarily a bad thing.

A lot of what we hear these days from riders is what you could politely call very safe. Considering the speed, colorful characters, and extreme nature of the racing, it's sort of surprising how that we don't have more outspoken riders. No, we're not talking about manufacturing controversy, but if you look around in other sports, you have extremely participants in NASCAR or other motorsports. Then there's the UFC, and even some of the more traditional ball and stick sports.

Building some rivalries in the sport, or hearing what riders really think? We have trouble finding the downside of that.

Well here's a rare sight...Aaron Plessinger nabbing a holeshot. Even better, he did the same thing in moto two. The first moto resulted in a win, and he was second in moto two, but that was plenty good enough for the overall.

Adam Cianciarulo rolled in second in the first frame of the 250s, but he slipped to fifth in moto two, and was fourth overall.

YamahaJT1: "Damn, I love the 'Great Outdoors'... Here we go!"

Oh yeah, he wanted it. Plessinger's win added yet another rider to the ever-expanding list of 250 winners for the season.

Sandwarrior752: "Really impressive riding by Plessinger. I enjoy watching his style."

Dylan Ferrandis and Joey Savatgy are both moto winners this season, but both were on the ground (along with another winner, Jeremy Martin) in the first turn. Dylan and Joey finished ninth and 11th, respectively, in the first moto.

A pair of fourth-place finishes gave Alex Martin fifth this week. He's in second spot in the 250 championship standings.

Reese95w: "What if A-Mart and J-Mart had a really heated battle on the track and then got into a fight after the moto. That would be something."

Jeremy Martin could only make it back to 13th after a first turn crash. He was sixth in moto two, but slipped to third behind his brother in the title chase.

Jason Anderson quickly got by Justin Barcia after the start of the first moto, and sprinted to a win.

Kampy: "My internet cut out and I missed Eli's interview... Did he really think he won? Or was he joking?"

Weston Peick made some waves at Muddy Creek, with a solid pair of fourth-place moto finishes.

Johnny Depp: "Shout out to Barcia, Peick, Bogle and Tickle, still 3,4,5 and 7."

Justin Barcia grabbed the holeshot in the first moto, and was wondering why his front end was pushing. Turns out he had a front flat.

Despite his knee injury, Marvin Musquin looked stronger this weekend, but dropping out in moto two didn't help his championship hopes.

It was good to see Trey Canard back in action after an extended absence. Dropping into an in-progress season is always tough, but he showed some good speed, and finished 12th for the day.

Eli Tomac started out in eighth spot, and worked his way to second. Afterwards, he said that he thought he was in the lead. Unfortunately, that spot belonged to Jason Anderson, who had checked out.

VilloFan951: "I'm ready for some fast racin! I wanna see a BB4 and a ET3 battle."

The 450 points leader, Blake Baggett, was a bit off the pace in moto one, and finished third.

Everyone was stretched out and hunting for traction in the deeply ripped start at the start of 250 moto two. Aaron Plessinger (wedged between Zach Osborne and Sean Cantrell) did it again, grabbing the start and the early lead.

Aaron Plessinger's lead lasted five laps in moto two, as the hometown favorite, Zach Osborne, went by him to take the moto win. Zach was fifth in moto one, and had to settle for second overall.

Chalk up the 250 overall for Aaron Plessinger, with a 1-2 score.

Motofinne: "It's so weird how big the difference is between GPs and US racing when it comes to the interviews. It's rare to get the classical "I can't thank PartsUnlimitedThorScottgogglesblablablabla enough" in the GPs."

Trey Canard got the jump on the 450 pack in moto two, but Eli Tomac quickly took over the lead.

Jason Anderson was getting creative, looking for smooth lines. He finished second in this one, scoring the same number of points for the day as Eli Tomac, but had to settle for second overall.

Johnny Depp: "Canard first KTM and getting tested by the best, keep it on 2 wheels Trey!"

Justin Bogle finished fifth in moto two, and was seventh on the day.

Oddly, Dean Wilson's 8-7 score nabbed him a fifth overall. Consistency pays.

Blake Baggett went down in the first turn, and it took him and Cooper Webb a bit of time to disentangle their bikes. He was 31st at the end of the first lap, eighth at the halfway point, and amazingly, third at the checkers.

Sandwarrior752: "Awesome charge back into 3rd by Bagget. Tomac stealing 7 points though, this title fight is heating up!
*Also shoutouts for Davalos, he is actually impressing me in the 450 class!"

Eli was back on his game at Muddy Creek, moved back into second place in the standings, and moved back to within four points of Blake Baggett. Things are getting interesting...

TXDirt: Great race today. Track was awesome. Killer ride by Bagget. Tomac on Fire that second Moto. Davalos has save of the year so far. And he looked great that second Moto.

Please for the love of God prep the other tracks like this. Made for great racing!"

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