View From The Infield: Minnesota Flood 1

Crazy thunderstorms in the morning made for a strange start to the day at Spring Creek, but conditions (and racing) got better throughout the day.

View From The Infield: Minnesota Flood

Alex Martin was set for the mud. He had his foam-covered helmet, complete with custom Sharpie logos, and had a good setup for prepping his gate. As the 250 riders approached it for the first moto, it looked great, as the pad behind it had been groomed completely flat. But as soon as you stepped on it, well...with all the rain that they'd had in the morning, it was like soup. Alex's prep method looked good, as instead of working it from front-to-back, he dragged the mud to the side until he got to the drier material underneath.

Ramyller Alves ripped a nice holeshot to start the day. He eventually slipped to 15th by the checkers, but we'd bet that's one that he remembers for a while. Behind him were RJ Hampshire and his GEICO Honda teammate, Hunter Lawrence; and the JGR/Yoshimura/Suzuki duo of Kyle Peters and Alex Martin.

Hunter Lawrence quickly took over the lead, and held it for the win in moto one.

Much to the delight of the local crowd, Alex Martin was running in the top three. He took advantage of a crash by Adam Cianciarulo to finish in second for the first moto.

Dylan Ferrandis did some bike wrestling in the first moto, on the way to a fifth-place finish.

Adam Cianciarulo had some trouble with his roll-offs, as a glob of mud had worked its way between the film and lens. Advancing the film wouldn't clear it, and he ended up having to toss his goggles. He was a bit heated after finishing third in moto one, but got settled down before moto two.

The Millville Whoop Monster handling the two-stroke duties.

Getting stuck in the mud and needing some help to extricate his bike was just part of the problems for Michael Mosiman in moto one. He wasn't the only one who had a tough moto, as only seven riders were on the lead lap at the end.

Colt Nichols had a tough first moto, finishing 14th, but he bounced back for a second-place finish in moto two.

How do you get a bike clean after such muddy conditions? Adam Snyder stopped by the Honda truck, and they double-teamed it with the pressure washers.

It was interesting to see a trio of privateers running up front as they headed down the start straight in 450 moto one. John Short, Isaac Teasdale, and Henry Miller all had better-than-average finishes.

Yeah, it takes some guts to sport nearly all-white gear for such a muddy race. Cooper Webb jumped out front, and stayed there in moto one.

Marvin Musquin was third in the sloppy first moto, and may have been the cause of a first-turn pileup in moto two. He rebounded from the back of the pack for a seventh in that one.

This one was tough on bikes. Coty Schock nurses his 450 to the finish, while John Short goes by. John finished sixth in the first moto.

Henry Miller ran in second for a few laps, before settling in fifth. He was strong in the mud.

Fredrik Noren was seventh in moto one. He tangled with Aaron Plessinger and went down in moto two, and had to settle for an 11th in that one.

Eli Tomac gave it a good charge at the end, had to settle for second in moto one as he couldn't quite get to Cooper Webb.

Yep, Cooper was pumped after his win in the first moto.

After his first moto win, Hunter Lawrence was musing about his overall possibilities as they lined up for moto two.

Dylan Ferrandis trying to make something out of nothing to get a good start pad.

Hunter Lawrence got a good jump...

...but a false neutral between second and third had him backpacking through the first turn. He put in a noble charge to get to sixth for the moto, and third overall.

Adam Cianciarulo had an easier time in moto two, and scored another moto win. Matched up with his third in the first moto, it was good for his sixth overall of the season.

Shane McElrath's 4-5 scores were good for fifth overall.

Alex Martin catching a blast of roost from Colt Nichols in moto two. Alex had run wide in the first turn, and ended up on the emergency vehicle road. After jumping back on the track, he was penalized a position at the end. He still finished in second overall.

Adam's moto win total (6), now matches his overall win total for the season.

Alex Martin enjoying a bit of Suzuki's first 250 podium champagne since the days of Ryan Dungey.

Hunter Lawrence looked pretty pleased after his third overall.

Cooper Webb nailed the second moto start and led the way for the first three laps.

These guys also got balled up in the first turn, and you can see how much of a challenge it was to get back onto the track through the accumulated muck that had been pushed to the side.

Yeah, there was a bit of chaos before the jump here, with several top riders in the mix.

Dean Wilson and Jason Anderson were among the crash victims. It was sort of a struggle bus day for both of them at Spring Creek.

Zach Osborne was back in action after missing RedBud due to injury, and his 4-3 day was good for second overall.

John Short's 6-8 score was good for seventh overall and top privateer honors. In a field this deep? That's impressive.

Getting your feet blown off the pegs in fast and deep ruts is no fun. Justin Barcia struggled in moto one, but a fourth in moto two was nice to see.

Marvin Musquin dropping in on his way to fourth overall.

Eli Tomac was fifth in the second moto, but even with a third overall for the day, he still extended his points lead. It now stands at 38 over Marvin Musquin.

Ken Roczen led for a good portion of the second moto after a crash by Cooper Webb.

Eli Tomac and Benny Bloss dicing during moto two. Benny's sixth-place finish in the second moto was his best since returning from ACL reconstruction.

It was this close at the end, but Cooper got by Kenny late in the moto to cap off a 1-1 day.

Add another 450 winning to the season's tally. Way to go, Cooper.

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