View From The Infield: Ever-Changing Sandscape

Watching the riders adapt to the Southwick track as it evolves from smooth to bombed-out during the day is always least from our side of the fence.

View From The Infield: Ever-Changing Sandscape

The 250 class blasts off the line for moto one. The slogan for Southwick is, "This ain't no highway." The start area is the one place that benefits from grooming during the day. Everything else, ruts, bumps, and berms, continually change throughout the day.

Adam Cianciarulo looks at Southwick as one of his weaker tracks and said after the race that he's been really terrible in the past. He had things under control in moto one.

Things are turning around for Shane McElrath. He was sixth in the first moto and was seventh in moto two after being buried in the pack on the start.

Chase Sexton was off his game in Southwick, still suffering from the heat exhaustion following his first moto win at WW Ranch. Here's hoping that next week goes better.

How awesome-looking is that track? We know Adam likes the view behind one in sight.

Justin Cooper was Adam's closest pursuer in moto one, finishing in second spot. Being a New York native, he was getting lots of love from the local fans.

Dylan Ferrandis had his sand flow going on, and grabbed a third in moto one after starting sixth.

Colt Nichols was fifth in the first 250 moto, but was 11th in moto two.

Fist bumps from Nick Wey for the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki suspension crew after the first moto.

Justin Shantie keeping Joey Savatgy cool before the start of the first 450 moto. It was nowhere near as oppressive in either the heat or humidity department as at last week's race, but everyone was still doing their best to keep cool.

Whoa, we've got some different lines going on here. Zach Osborne's still making his pivot, while a lot of the rest of the crew are already aimed out of the first turn. John Short (to Ken Roczen's outside) got a good start, but he's also on his way down.

These rollers just kept getting bigger throughout the day, and made for a big workout full of repeated hits for these guys. Eli Tomac was second in moto one.

He didn't stay this spotless for the rest of the moto, but Marvin Musquin went wire-to-wire for the first moto win.

Third in the first 450 moto? That went to Zach Osborne.

Fredrik Noren's first outing with the JGR Yoshimura Suzuki Factory squad went really well, with a 5-7 day, and seventh overall. His changes to the bike so far? Bars, and a lot stiffer suspension setting than what he got handed to him the first day on the bike.

Ken Roczen started third, but had a long slide back to 12th.

Jason Anderson had an off day (by his standards), and had a 7-5 score.

Drag racing down the start straight for 250 moto two, it's Adam Cianciarulo and Dylan Ferrandis bar-to-bar. Adam won the war into the first corner, and led the first six laps.

Dylan Ferrandis and Brandon Hartranft dueled for second and third early in the moto. Brandon easily had his best day of the series so far and ended the day in seventh overall.

Cameron McAdoo and Justin Cooper had a duel of their own in moto least for a little bit. They ended up heading in opposite directions, with Cameron going from fourth to sixth, and Cooper advancing from fifth to third.

Justin Cooper couldn't match his overall win performance from WW Ranch, but he still grabbed a podium spot and is now 23 points behind Adam Cianciarulo in the title chase.

Adam Cianciarulo led the first six laps of moto two, but Dylan Ferrandis was quickly reeling him in.

John Dowd (shown), Keith Johnson, and the rest of the MX338 crew have been putting in a bunch of work on the facility, and it showed.

RJ Hampshire had a solid 4-4 day for fourth overall. The crowd was out in force, and we liked some of the newly accessible spectator areas. The lightning from 1:00 to 7:00 (it's a forum joke) never materialized.

Dylan Ferrandis doing some sand surfing.

Alex Martin was fifth in moto two.

Cooper Webb nailed the holeshot in the second 450 moto.

Southwick was a tough day for Ken Roczen, and he finished up with a 12-10 score and ninth overall.

Joey Savatgy's first moto was a rough one, as he dropped out before the halfway point. He bounced back from the DNF in moto two with an eighth.

Zach Osborne ran the table in the second moto, leading every lap. Talking with him on press day, scoring a win had been one of his goals. Now there's al first 450 overall on the goal list.

Eli Tomac had plenty of fan support as he got by Cooper Webb just before the halfway point of the second moto.

Cooper Webb has been getting speedier every week, and finished up with a 4-4 day.

Marvin's second overall win in a row moved him into second spot, and within 26 points of Eli Tomac. He was 37 back (and in fifth spot) after High Point, so he's made a ton of progress. As we saw at Red Bud last year (where Eli had a DNF), anything can happen. Zach was enjoying his podium time and was within the realm of possibility of grabbing the overall. We wouldn't be surprised to see him grab one this season.

Marvin will be your bartender today, and the drink special is champagne.

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