View From The Infield: Rd. 2 - Who Brought The Heat?

Eli's was on it at Fox Raceway, and Adam Cianciarulo grabbed his second overall of the season.

View From The Infield: Rd. 2 - Who Brought The Heat?

Dylan Ferrandis waiting for his gate pick. Choosing a spot was interesting, since there was a low spot that had gathered a lot of water during Friday night's race prep. Most guys opted for spots around the doghouse, though some went for the inside and outside extremes

You rarely see riders pick the far outside gate. But Adam Cianciarulo had done his homework, watching everything from the California Classic amateur races to the 125 All-Star action before he went to pick his gate. He opted for the far outside...the same area that Ryan Villopoto had taken for his holeshot in the 125 race. Unfortunately, it didn't work out as well for Adam.

In the first moto, Justin Cooper came from the inside of the gate to grab the holeshot.

Early in the first 250 moto, it was Cooper, Colt Nichols, Hunter Lawrence, and Jordan Bailey

Thomas Covington was running as high as fourth early in the first 250 moto. He slipped to 11th by the end of this one.

Jordon Smith looked good early in the day, but struggled with crashes.

RJ Hampshire and Chase Sexton spent much of the first moto duking it out over the third and fourth spot. In the end, RJ jumped up to second, while Chase ended up in fifth.

After coming across the line in 11th to start the moto, Adam Cianciarulo put in a furious charge and made his way to third at the finish, catching Colt Nichols before the checkers.

Probably the highlight of Blake Baggett's day was this first moto holeshot.

Ken Roczen was hard on the gas behind Blake, and after a quick scrub over a tabletop, he outbraked Blake into the next turn and took over the lead.

Eli Tomac didn't get a great start...somewhere around the top ten, but he quickly went to work and was seventh at the end of lap one.

When we grabbed this shot, Jason Anderson was in third, and Marvin Musquin was fourth. They traded places not long after this.

The new SX champ, Cooper Webb, is still acclimating to the outdoors, and went 6-6 for sixth overall here.

This was the highest spot on the track, and a tricky spot to get over cleanly. Zach Osborne had it dialed, and was fifth in the first moto, and fourth in the second frame. He's looking strong on the big Husky.

Marv slithering over this peaked jump before the uphill. He was looking good here.

After Eli got to third spot, he got tired of getting roosted, and backed off a bit. He still had enough in the tank for another big charge.

Cole Seely finished in the top ten overall with an 11-8 day.

Late in the first moto, the top three were this close together. Eli picked off both riders in short order. Marvin also got by Ken to finish in second spot behind Eli.

The second moto start for the 250s got a little weird. A trio of riders on the left side of the gate hit it, which caused it to shake. That threw off a bunch of the riders, and many of them thought they'd come around at the end of the first lap to see a red flag and a restart. The officials felt it was fair, with no gate malfunction, so the race was allowed to continue. Oh...and Shane McElrath grabbed the holeshot from the outside of the gate.

Once again, RJ Hampshire and Chase Sexton were in close proximity early in the race. This time around it was Chase's turn to go towards the front, and he finished in fifth, while RJ ended up with a 36th.

We got to see Hunter Lawrence in full form for the first time at round two. In the first moto a rock punched a hole in the oil filter cover, which led to a DNF. In moto two, he got to battle up front with Adam Cianciarulo.

A 10-6 day netted Alex Martin sixth overall.

It took Adam Cianciarulo three laps to work his way into the lead, and he stayed there until lap 11, when Hunter Lawrence got by him.

After the race, Justin Cooper was a little confused about where he stood for the overall...but he didn't realize that Hunter Lawrence had gone down, and he was frustrated in his efforts to get by his teammate, Dylan Ferrandis. Expect that he'll win some races this season.

Watching Cianciarulo and Lawrence go at it was awesome.

Lawrence led for three laps, but a small crash allowed Cianciarulo to get back by for the moto win, and overall.

That's two overalls in a row for AC, and he'll continue on with the red plate.

You know you've had a good day when Mitch and the crew are waiting for you to ride back to the rig.

Tucked back and heading toward the first turn for moto two. That's Ben LaMay on the far inside.

Marvin Musquin led the first eight laps of the second 450 moto, before Eli got by. Considering how sore he was from a crash at Hangtown (and how little he'd ridden before heading to Fox Raceway, it was solid day for him with a 3-2 second overall.

It's always good to see Eli pumped and happy after a win...unless you're racing against him. It's also home turf for him next weekend, as the series moves to Thunder Valley, in Lakewood, CO.

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