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Resnick's Picks

Resnick's take: If you thought Roczen has a good life, how about his dog Rio?

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We Live It 🤙🏽 #GoProLiveIt

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Resnick's take: Step Up gone wrong for Raha.

Resnick's take: TB also had a close call as well on Step Up at Fite Klub. 

Resnick's take: A place we all wish we could ride just one last time...

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's take: 
Sipes and TP getting down on the pitters.

Grant's Picks

Grant's take: Loretta Lynn’s, MXGP, and the AMA Nationals all happening in’s a good time to be a motocross fan. 

Grant's take: Looking forward to seeing what Joey Savatgy can do outdoors this year. 

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Outdoor vibes 😎 @suzukicycles @rmarmy

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Grant's take: Mr. Herlings is looking to be in top form as the MXGP series gets ready to kick back off... 

Grant's take: Can’t blame The Hoff for going for it!

Grant's take: Mathilde’s latest message for Brian. 

Grant's take: I’ve never been a huge fan of Thor’s helmet designs, but I’m diggin’ the look of this one. 

GuyB's Picks

GuyB's take: How about a look back at some of Adam Cianciarulo’s Loretta Lynn experiences?

GuyB's take: Here’s one for the old schoolers. So good. 

GuyB's take: Now that’s full send. You wouldn’t have seen Roger or Joel go that big, but we can appreciate both eras. 

Klinger's Picks

Klinger's take: Stay frosted (tips). 

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#fbf to once upon a time in Vegas. #frostedtips

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Klinger's take: Josh Grant knows what's up, but I'm not sure I'm going to copy this procedure. 


Klinger's take: Hey, Vikings were buried with their horses. 

Klinger's take: How did Hunter get over to the Dutch Nationals? Oh wait, that's Florida. 

Klinger's take: Sipes puts the "cross" in endurocross sections. 

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Battle of the Goats - not a name to be taken lightly... This hard enduro thing is fairly new to me. New as in, my first and only hard enduro up until this past weekend was the Erzberg Rodeo 2019. And with everything being canceled this year, I haven’t been practicing it as much. But, I want to do the @tkoenduro in a few weeks, so I thought I’d get some practice in beforehand with this little race in North Carolina. Little, pffft. It was so gnarly. Like, hardest .course I’ve ever ridden gnarly. I think I was riding pretty good at the beginning. Making it up some tough stuff and running around tenth. Somewhere around an hour and a half into the race, I ran out of talent. Started muffing the hills and having to push the bike. Then, I ran out of fitness 😖 Started hitting trees that weren’t even in my way. It was ugly. Pushing a bike is so much harder than riding one. Seems obvious but I never realized how hard it would be to push my bike up those *%#&$ hills. There was no traction at all! I was smoked. In retrospect, I should have stopped and rested, gathered myself, and tried to .continue on. But the mind works in mysterious ways when you’re about to puke, cramping, and feel like passing out. All I wanted was a .cold drink of water (I had run out) and a chair. I cashed out. I don’t feel good about it. I’m ashamed that I quit. But I learned something from it. In these races, it’s ok to stop and rest. It’s not like moto or GNCC where resting is a death sentence for your result. If stopping for five minutes means you can finish the race without imploding, it’s worth it. Lesson learned. One positive: I was the only guy to jump that tire double 😂 it only saved me a few s .conds but I had fun doing it. I’ll be back for TKO in two weeks, more prepared and better equipped. Not gonna let this beat me. Bring it on 💪🏻 Thanks for helping with the bike and .couting lines @poohsipes. Next time you need to race with me 👍🏻 Thanks @robbiegoolsby and the boys for the parts and advice. Photos: @poohsipes #hardenduroishard #battleofthegoats #motorcycles #dirtbikes #pushyourself #pushthelimits #dontbeafraidtofail #butdontquiteither

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