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Grant's Picks

Grant's take: Not only will Romain Febvre be on a new team for 2020, but he will have a new digit as well. 

Grant's take: It’s been a minute, but the Babbitt’s Monster Energy Kawasaki team is back racing Arenacross!

Grant's take: Broc Tickle’s steed for 2020. 

Grant's take: My favorite photo of the week, featuring the winner of A1. 

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Night shoots @ryneswanberg

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Grant's take: Axell is a certified madman. 

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Who wants to see me do a big ass stunt? @monsterenergy

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Resnick's Picks

Resnick's take: The smell of beef is in the air.

Resnick's take: Who else would rock this gold Yoshimura exhaust from 7deucedeuce?

Resnick's take: Congrats to this guy for once again taking the win at A1.

Resnick's take: Now this is how you drop new gear!

Resnick's take: Put Josh Hill on any bike and he will ring it out.

Klinger's Picks

Klinger's take: Going from serious to "I'm cool" in 0.2 seconds. 

Klinger's take: Martin gets full-on karate kicked!

Klinger's take: Replace Marvin with Barcia and this would be more on-point. 

Klinger's take: You got to love the girlfriend's gasp of real fear, while the buddy is making fun of him before he hits the ground. 

Klinger's take: Dad mode, engage!

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Braeker, when I took this picture I was simultaneously fighting back tears of worry. I spent most of yesterday trying to distract myself, and you from the chaos of our first Supercross together. Not only did I have the regular race day jitters, in hopes that we .could leave Anaheim happy & healthy, but I was scared to death that our decision to let you ride with Dad during opening ceremonies might be scary for you. Yes, I was 100% .confident that your Dad & I gave you everything you needed to be safe & .comfortable. I knew you weren’t at risk, or in any danger. But emotionally, I didn’t know if it was too soon to throw you into a majorly overstimulating situation, even for an adult...but my gut screamed Go for it. I wanted you to experience something life changing, even though you might never remember. I wanted you & your Dad to do something no one had ever done before. Together. I made myself sick with anxiety all day... then as Dylan & Panda drove us down the tunnel- crowd screaming, lasers beaming, music blasting, life slowed down, & suddenly, you were a grown boy. No fear. Smiling at everyone, listening intently as Austin & Dad hyped you up for your big night. It was as if you had prepared for this moment for months. There’s something special about you Braeker. You already have a spirit that I envy. Even though riding with dad has b .come part of our routine, sending you off in front of 75,000 people gave me feelings I’ll never forget. You sat in your harness & just took it all in, you even lifted a hand to wave. When we r .connected after your debut, all my worry disappeared, & at that moment, I vowed that I would always push you to do things that might be out of both our .comfort zones. I will never doubt your ability to bite off more than you can chew. As your advocate, and biggest fan, it’s my job to tell you the truth, and babe, the truth is... YOU are brave. You exhibit a strength I wish I had. At 4 months, you’ve already set an example & taught us valuable lessons we never would have had the opportunity to learn otherwise. You are loved beyond measure Braeker Baggett. You made A1 2020 unforgettable.

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GuyB's Picks

GuyB's take: These guys...

GuyB's take: Awkward...

Ping's Picks

Ping's take: For fans of Moto in the 1990s

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