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Resnick's Picks

Resnick's take: Mood while waiting for the A1 SX gate to drop.

Resnick's take: Well done by the llama.

GuyB's Picks

GuyB's take: Rational brain? That stuff is way overrated. Pin it, Adam. 

Grant's Picks

Grant's take: As you might have noticed while watching Monster Cup, Evan Ferry (Tim Ferry’s son) has signed a deal with Rockstar Energy Husqvarna! 

Grant's take: First look at Jerry Robin’s steed for next year. 

Grant's take: Ouch. Jordi Tixier and Dean Wilson both went down hard in this section.

Grant's take: Tommy Searle has walked away from the MXGP series, but he’ll still be competing in the British Motocross Championship for Honda!

Grant's take: Enjoy some onboard footage of TLD KTM’s Brandon Hartranft at the test track. 

Grant's take: Filthy Phil’s 2019 season in Canada was a success! He’s the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown overall champion. 

Klinger's Picks

Klinger's take: To bail or not to bail... that is the question. 

Klinger's take: Exit, stage right. 


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