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Michael's Take: Little washed out.

Michael's Take: The latest in Phil Smage's recovery.

Michael's Take: Cole Seely with the freshie.

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Maiden voyage on my new @royscyclery @rideshimano equipped machine!

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Michael's Take: George, George, George of the out for that tree!

Michael's Take: C'mon Forrest Gump!

Michael's Take: It'll buff out.

Michael's Take: KDX scrub life.

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We’ll be scrubbing by the .competition .come Straight Rhythm. Just a taste. #kdxrida : @romanodood

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Michael's Take: Eat a Snickers!

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Not acting like yourself, eat a snickers @kenroczen94

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Michael's Take: Mini-flip gone wrong.

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What happened here? @andreas_bergmark #DailyMotoMedia

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Michael's Take: Three bad dudes.

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#tbt 2006 Mt.Morris, PA. Couple of fast dudes trying to chase me down, stew and @crtwotwo PC: @hultnerphoto

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Michael's Take: Congrats to the champ!

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L O V E @rayarcherphoto

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Michael's Take: Make Chad great again.

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This hat was made by @ben_bostrom the early part of this year and it’s sat in my office staring at me all year! Ok yes it’s hilarious for obvious reasons but it also goes much deeper than just a statement on a hat. O .course we the 22 fans that have loved watching battle over the years want to see “CHAD REED GREAT AGAIN” !! So it’s such a message of support and love Ben for making it and supporting Chad when everything was a mess. No ride, no agent, i .come was cut by sponsors, then he was injured and everyone had decided he was too old, washed up and a has been. He came out of surgery and decided no matter what he was going to try. We built a small effort with a small team and he made every SX this year. It was painful for him. it was painful for me. But he just .continued to show up and keep grinding. My whole point is - NOTHING b .comes GREAT overnight. It took all summer of working on his foot for him to walk properly, it took not giving up and succumbing to haters including friends and agents who said he was a tough sale, that he didn’t know when enough was enough. To believe in yourself despite everyone telling you otherwise is a power that you .control but it take time and patience and tears and strength and a small group of people to have your back no matter what. So maybe it’s just a Hat with a funny saying on - but really as the one who gets to witness it first hand. I love that he is always willing to try. And I hope that this message resonates with you when your cards are down or things seem hopeless. It may take a while to make yourself Great again - but you can - just block out those haters in your life and believe in yourself ! HAPPY FRIDAY ! Make yourself Great ! Or Great again ! Whatever applies to you. BE UNAFRAID TO TRY ! and we will keep striving to make a deal happen for 2019 a great team is also key and he is .continuing to make Chad Reed Great again . let me know if u want a hat

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Non-Moto Picks

Since there's so much gold on IG, we've got a few of our favorite non-moto picks as well.

Michael's Take: Just a bit creepy.

Michael's Take: Sktechyyyy


Michael's Take: Priorities

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