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​Michael's Picks

Michael's Take: Wes Williams has given us all some of the most creative and best content over the years, so do him a favor and vote for him in this contest he's entered in. You can go to to place a vote each day.

Michael's Take: I'm so easily entertained

​Michael's Take: Head this advice

Michael's Take: Well, any street credit he gained for winning just went right out the window...

Michael's Take: Oh Travis, this is why we all love you!

Michael's Take: #ShortLegClub

Michael's Take: OUCH!

Scottie's Picks

Scottie's Take: This shot of McGrath is pure class! Setting the gold standard.

Scottie's Take: The Icon, David Bailey, is now on Instagram! Be sure to give him a follow if you want to hear epic stories from such a legend.

Scottie's Take: ...another from DB, what friends are for. Two studs.

Scottie's Take: Good to see KROC smiling and knowing he's getting the best therapy possible.

Scottie's Take: Good choice Big Ray!!

Scottie's Take: Check this awesome artwork of The man.

Scottie's Take: Nothing beats Art Eckman and DB behind the mic, with a young RC and KW on the track. Crank up the volume and see you next week!

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