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Michael's Picks

Michael's Take: Get well soon Top Jimmy!

Michael's Take: Well, being Josh Cartwright in this situation sucks... Buttpucker factor ten.

Michael's Take: Started at the bottom now we here...

Michael's Take: Pff, who wants electric bikes...ha...

Michael's Take: Now that's motivation.

Michael's Take: Happy belated birthday Chad!

Michael's Take: I'm easily entertained...

Scottie's Picks

Scottie's Take: Here's a double shot from Kevin Windham as he pushes the limits on a water crossing....the limit:

Scottie's Take: Over the limit:

Scottie's Take: Twitch is a good dude, here he gives a homeless guy his shoes and buys him a meal.

Scottie's Take: Tempers flare at the Arenacross.

Scottie's Take: Sweet footplant by Hanny.

Scottie's Take: Check out a young Damon Bradshaw. I love reading Pete's stories from the past.

Scottie's Take: Last one...four wide across the pond, so sweet! See you next week.

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