Michael's Picks

Michael's Take: So much win here, poor Wil...

Michael's Take: HA!

Michael's Take: Looks like Justin Bogle got a kick out of the forum photoshops.

Michael's Take: Now that's a trophy! Congrats Colton.

Michael's Take: Damn hillclimbs biting back.

Michael's Take: This one took me a minute, then I realized that Mike Williamson from Kawasaki is way in the background. That definitely covers all his teams!

Michael's Take: Little bit of drool...

Scottie's Picks

Scottie's Take: Penny for your thoughts Coop? This must have been after his heat race tangle with Anderson.

Scottie's Take: Caption Time! This is actually pretty classic.

Scottie's Take: Check out this Mike Brown replica. Right down to every nut and bolt, this is a beautiful machine!

Scottie's Take: It was awesome seeing Chad charge the way he did, what a ride.

Scottie's Take: So much win in this photo.

Scottie's Take: Anderson's arm looks painful!

Scottie's Take: These shift levers are like a work of art. See you next week!

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