Michael's Picks

Michael's Take: Here's a blast from the past. Damn, that thing didn't sound good to begin with...

Michael's Take: Ahh, that oh so familiar noise... I CAN'T BREATHE...

Michael's Take: Ouch!

Michael's Take: Ready for a ride?

Michael's Take: And that's exactly why I don't attempt this.

Michael's Take: More style than most reading this.

Michael's Take: You know you want to.

Scottie's Picks

Scottie's Take: Alex Martin is ready to go represent the Red, White and Blue!

Scottie's Take: A flashback to The GOAT and his epic ride at Zolder, for the 2003 MXdN.

Scottie's Take: Check out Romain Febvre's helmet for the MXdN.

Scottie's Take: Here's a little throwback to a young RV, ready to go battle the world in 2008.

Scottie's Take: Dean Ferris has a killer lid ready and waiting for him next weekend.

Scottie's Take: Ando has been getting ready for a few weeks now, lets support our guys!

Scottie's Take: See you next week, after the big race...

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