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Michael's Take: Non-Moto, but insane. If you watched F1 from Australia this weekend, then you know how luckily Fernando Alonso is to even walk away from this.

Fernando Alonso: I am aware that today I spent some of the luck remaining in life, I want to thank @mclaren, the FIA for the safety on this cars. Also my colleagues and fans for the concern and unconditional support. Now it's time to rest and think about Bahrain, and get back in the car to get the first points of this year !!#australia

Michael's Take: Figure-eights on this big girl would be interesting...

Chris Birch: How to crash a 200kg motorbike in a corner. Get your leg up and out of the way and bail out! I love my bikes and hate damaging them, but when it's going wrong its time to look after number one. Use your crash bars and save your legs #chrisbirchcoaching @pod_active keeping my knees strong and MX boots keep my ankles safe.

Michael's Take: There's some serious horsepower in this photo.

Dirk Houghton: You can race with a little horsepower or with 10,000 horsepower.... Either way it's still racing. 2TLD bikes, 1 Kalitta Motorsports @teamkalitta Funny car.. Best of both worlds. We had the pleasure of working out of their shop today! @andydalton615 @mx216 @colterahrens spinning the wrenches #tld_moto #troyleedesignsracing #redbull #ktmracing #ppg #nobaddays #cold&windy pic: Joel Ard

Michael's Take: Ouch... Ouch... Ouch...

Buttery Films: Spinal @austinpolitelli

Michael's Take: More ouch...

Jonny Walker: I tried my hardest tonight but just wasn't good enough,I broke my fibula in practice last week and battled through tonight,dropped from 1st in points to 3rd in the championship,congrats to @coltonhaaker @codywebb2 for a great season

Michael's Take: Ever walked away from your bike completely annoyed? I know I have.

Cooper Abbott: #senditsunday from a while back on the kawi. The feeling you get when you know Monday is coming! @da8training #mx #moto #motocross #endurocross #enduro_cross #da8 #da8elite #sx #da8athletes #da8training #da8endurocross #krail #goon #squid

Michael's Take: Chad Reed's take on the weekend.

Chad Reed: On the weekend in my heat and main event there was Red Cross flag situations. In both cases I lost time to whoever was in front of me at the time. My interpretation of the Red Cross flag is "no jumping". I have not seen any video of Dung jumping but after seeing this video here's my 2 cents.. 1st of all its IMO that the flagger waves the wrong flag to start with. Rhythm sections Red Cross flag should be last resort. It's not blind at all we can see the downed riders. So no need for Red Cross flag. 2nd what Nick Wey does is how I understand the Red Cross flag "wheels on ground no jumping". 3rd I was in front of this and still had the Red Cross flag the next lap I didn't see a down rider at all just the flag. 4th what the guys did in front of me isn't really anything different than "jumping" it IMO I did the section the same as you see Wey doing it. 5th wins are hard to come by. 6th a few seconds is hard to find on these tracks. 7th dung got robbed because the replacing winner broke the rules also IMO take happy Monday, ready set insta fight!

Scottie's Picks

Scottie's Take: Austin Forkner truly has the talent to push the limits, as he demonstrates here.

Austin Forkner: @mumble599 footage.

Scottie's Take: Sounds as though Adam Cianciarulo's rehab is coming along nicely. We sure do miss him out where he belongs, on the track!

Ryan Hughes: All I have to say I'm stunned by how fast @adamcianciarulo wrist is healing, I've never seen one heal that fast and I've done both - but his kit was sure on point today ! Haha. Lots of healing work going on with this boy. #CHARGELIFE

Scottie's Take: Check out this cool throwback from Jimmy Button. I can still recall back in the early 80's when "Monkey" barely fit on the back of this pants racing mini's, sure brings back lots of memories.

Jimmy Button:#tbt 1993 @jtracingusa catalog shoot with @dpingree101 in Mexico #monkey @marcblanchard

Scottie's Take: The "Baker Boys" had a great night in Detroit, sweeping the podium (even after Dungeys penalty), showing that what they're doing is working.

Jason Anderson: Good night for the crew! We all work so hard and have a good time doing it! #ch33rs boys.

Scottie's Take: Couple weeks ago I showed a small update on Tony's Jeff Stanton Replica build, it has come a long ways since then. Looks awesome!

Tony Blazier: Slowly but surely coming together #Project90 #StantonReplica #HRC

Scottie's Take: The West SX guys are still racking up the outdoor miles. Love this shot of CC.

Christian Craig:Long Moto requires rolled up sleeves! Digging the new @aliasmx gear.

Scottie's Take: Style points = 0. See you next week!

MX Fails:Tag someone who rides like this #MxFails vid: @vantassel_47 @yamaha21gal

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