Michael's Picks

Michael's Take: Good luck to Josh Sheehan, as he goes for the unthinkable triple backflip.
Nitro Circus: It's almost time for #TheUnthinkable. The last day of practice is about to start

Michael's Take: My motivation for the week.
Ryan Morais: When I saw this I thought it was real cool & true. I've always tried to see the positive side to any situation & I believe a positive attitude will take you a long ways.

Michael's Take: #Podiumguyproblems
Eli Tomac: When you don't realize your on camera. Lol #champagneinthe @apaggio

Michael's Take: Want to know how scary racing Baja can be?
Mark Samuels: Taking a ride threw the trees after getting swerved off the course by a truck! The locals don't mean to do this kinda stuff but some just don't know how to react to these kinda situations. This is part of what makes Baja, Baja! #slamlife #BajaSur500 @scoreinternational @oxmotorsports

Michael's Take: This past weekend was the first time Supercross has been live on a major network. Because of this, the rider's had quite a bit more media attention than usual and had to be very professional all weekend... such as Cole Seely and Trey Canard, who represent us well.
Cole Seely: @treycanard and I doing some super serious media.

Michael's Take: Hmm, that's a sticky predicament.
Racer X: @marvinmusquin25 gets some wheel love from @dakotaalix37 in their heat race first-turn tangle... @cudby photo

Michael's Take: Andrew Short finished 5th in the main, even after he broke his kneecap!!!
Andrew Short: @mrstwoniner said my last photo was lame! @justinbrayton helps brighten it up

Scottie's Picks

Scottie's Take: Jeffrey Herlings had a special set of gear for his home GP, the gold boots were reminiscent of C3P0.
Jeffrey Beerdsen: Congrats @jeffrey_herlings84 on another GP win at Valkenswaard. 6th time going 1-1 in a row.

Scottie's Take: Riders live / work their whole lives, dreaming of achieving one goal, earning the coveted #1 plate that comes with winning a championship. Big congrats to Marvin Musquin for adding this one to his collection.
Marvin Musquin: Here it is / Elle est la!

Scottie's Take: Speaking of Marvin and the amazing season he has had in 2015, none of it would of been possible without these two awesome people. His lovely wife Mathilde and mechanic, Frankie Latham.
Racer X: @marvinmusquin25 crew wins the championship #Supercross #Motocross #WhosNext #Motorcycles #SXonFOX #NewJerseySX @supercrosslive @cudby photo

Scottie's Take: Quite a big hoopla has been lighting up the message boards and social media channels over the karate kick Dylan Ferrandis executed during the GP over the weekend. The punishment for said kick? A 10 position penalty.
Pete Fox: Fancy passing techniques they use in Europe. #MXGP #karate #kick

Scottie's Take: Looking forward to the outdoors? Carey Hart and the RCH crew must be excited to carry the #1 plate come Hangtown!
Carey Hart: Bring on outdoor. @rchracing @soaringeagleresort @jimmyjohns @suzukicycles @dodgeofficial @bel_raycompany @foxheadinc

Scottie's Take: How stoked was Tommy Searle to be lined back up behind the gate? By the looks of this short clip, I would say a LOT!
Dean Wilson: Pretty cool to see how excited my mate @tommysearle100 was to be back racing this weekend.

Scottie's Take: See you next week... until then, whip it out and play with it!
James Stewart: Still airing it out on the low.

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