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Get the quotes and our favorite pics from round four of the Monster Energy Supercross series at Glendale, AZ.

SX After-Party

Ken Roczen - 1st 
"I can't believe we won all three main events! I think it's the focus that we bring. Between my team and especially my mechanic, we just have a good regimen going into all the races. Every time we go down there for a gate drop, I just want to put maximum focus, put myself in a good position and make life a lot easier—and safer as well. We had some good battles with Eli [Tomac] in the first one, but I was stoked to pull it off. I got a decent start in the second one, and then we had to do a restart, unfortunately. I grabbed that holeshot and rode a super-solid race and won. The first start for race three was not good, and me and Tomac were battling in like eighth or something. Then we had another restart, and I pulled the holeshot there and just rode a super-solid race. I had a good time tonight, and I'm really happy with how the team has been excelling and making changes to the bike. We've been working really well together, and the team spirit is high right now. Obviously, I'm beyond stoked and want to enjoy tonight and tomorrow, but then get back to work and keep 100% focus."

Ken Roczen (94).

Eli Tomac - 2nd
"These Triple Crown races are already crazy, and then to add the two red flags, there was just a lot going on. We technically had five starts tonight, and I didn't exactly help myself on those, but I was able to make my way to the front and remain consistent with my finishes. Consistency really was the key tonight and the team worked their tails off to help me finish up on the podium. We still have some work to do, but overall, we had a successful night, and I'm glad we're close in the point standings." 

Eli Tomac.

Jason Anderson - 3rd
"All-in-all, I had a great night," Anderson said. "I keep getting better as the season goes on, I feel like I keep racing better and better. It's been a good night. The team is working hard, and we're ready to start charging and make some headway."

Jason Anderson.

Cooper Webb - 4th
"It was a good day. It's kind of crazy; we had a bunch of red flags, so we ended up with a lot of starts tonight. I feel like I finally figured out my starts by the end, and I was up front and able to run with the lead group, but I just didn't quite have it tonight. It was a good turnaround from the first Main Event, but we've still got some stuff to work on, and we'll keep plugging away and try to improve this week before heading into Oakland."

Cooper Webb.

Justin Barcia - 5th
"It was a difficult day right off the bat. The track changed as the night went on and I struggled with turning a little bit and in the whoops, but it was the starts that really hurt me. I had to fight a lot tonight to get up to where I was able to finish, but with such short races like this, it's difficult. The track was very one-lined, and it was very difficult to pass. Triple crowns are gnarly. Everyone's so fast. If you don't get a good start, it's just difficult to put yourself in a good position. There were guys flying around everywhere tonight and crashing, so I'm glad to be getting out of here healthy. I'm a smarter, more mature rider than I have been in the past, so I'll take what I can get tonight like I did last week. It's only round four. We're still in a decent spot and just need to keep plugging away."

Justin Barcia.

Justin Brayton - 6th
"The night went pretty good, but I had a lot of bad starts for some reason. I really struggled with track position at the beginning of the race, and I came from the back pretty much all three races. I'm a little disappointed in that because I felt like with my lap times, a better track position could have given me a top-five finish. But to end up sixth is nothing to hang our heads for at all. It was a positive night, awesome to see Kenny get the win, and the team's just jelling really well right now; everyone's doing an amazing job, and I keep getting better and better every weekend. I hope to keep this momentum rolling and be in the top five next week."

Justin Brayton (10).

Malcolm Stewart - 7th
"The Triple Crown format is quite different, and to be honest, I don't know if I had ever raced one. It's different, but it's cool. The track was pretty cool, but it got really slick tonight, and everyone was fighting for traction," he noted at the end of the night. "The format keeps the racing tight, and I almost got the holeshot in the first one, that was the best start that I've had! I was like, 'Man, there's nobody next to me. I'm feeling good!' And then I blew the corner [Laughs]. The cool thing about the Triple Crown is that it's almost like a throwaway race, so I am happy with that and to get out of here in one piece, especially after everything that happened to me here last year."

Malcolm Stewart.

Adam Cianciarulo - 8th
"That was definitely not how we wanted to finish the night, and although this is part of racing, it's always a tough pill to swallow. We kicked off the day qualifying fastest again and honestly, I was feeling good all day. I made some mistakes out there and that last one cost me. I'm sore and a bit frustrated, but I have a great team behind me, who continue to remind me there are a lot more races left to go in this premier class. We'll take the week to recuperate and look to come out strong in Oakland."

Adam Cianciarulo.

Aaron Plessinger - 9th
"The first Triple Crown of the year, Glendale, was pretty good. I qualified 15th, which wasn't great. In the first Main I got a mid-pack start and worked up to seventh in the first half of the race, but in the second half it kind of fell apart. I started hitting the whoops bad, so yeah, we struggled a little bit in the second half. Then the second Main I got a really good start. I was running up there with the boys, but I just couldn't figure out the whoops. I was fast everywhere except the whoops. I got another good start in the third Main, not as good as the second one, but I just charged and tried to put myself in a good position and I got a pretty good finish. Overall it's my best finish this season. We have to go back and do some more work. I can't wait until Oakland next week."

Aaron Plessinger.

Blake Baggett
“Tonight wasn’t my night. The track was tricky tonight. I just didn’t get the starts I needed and minimize the mistakes tonight. The main thing is we leave here healthy. We will regroup and come back strong at Oakland next weekend.” 

Blake Baggett and Zach Osborne.

Justin Hill - 12th
"My first race felt okay, the first three corners were really good, and I tightened up at the end. The second one was just mediocre all around, and in the third, I was sluggish at the start and loosened up at the end," Hill shared after the last race. "I'll chalk it up to not liking the track too much, so hopefully next week is better. I feel like my fitness is there and I felt good in the whoops, where a lot of guys were complaining tonight, and there were a couple of positives. But it's just frustrating to be back there because I know I am capable of so much more. Every Monday and Tuesday, I think about how I can get up there, but that's just the game right now. There are 17 or 18 really good guys, and everybody is on one."

Justin Hill.

Vince Friese - 14th

"It was up and down. The first race didn't go my way, and I turned it around in the second one. There was a quad into a turn that was a little sketchy that I finally started to jump, and that changed my night because I started to ride a lot better," he reflected. "The red flags messed me up because I was in second place during one race that got red-flagged and fifth in the other. In the last race, I was in 10th place when I was about to get the white flag but had a crash in the whoops that cost me a good overall position.

That was frustrating, but my riding came around, and I'm happy with that. It's just not the result I was looking for, but it is what it is, and I'll try to keep getting better."

Vince Friese.

Ryan Breece - 17th
"The Suzuki RM-Z450 and I are starting to mesh a lot better," said Breece. "I am very happy with my starts and am continuing to feel more confident on the bike each week. 16th place was an improvement for me and a step in the right direction. I am still digging for more!"

Ryan Breece.

Kyle Cunningham - DNQ
"Not the night I wanted to have in Glendale," said Cunningham. "I came up short during qualifying missing the top 18 by half a second. In the LCQ I got a good start and got myself into a transfer position, but a mistake caused me to go down. I'm looking forward to getting it done in Oakland."

Adam Enticknap - DNQ
"Fifth place [in the LCQ] isn't where I want to be, but it is nice to know that we only need one spot," said Enticknap. "I am going to work on a few areas that I need to improve. I want to come out swinging in Oakland"


Austin Forkner - 1st
"I came into the night with last week fully behind me," said Forkner. "We worked hard this week and knew it was going to be about starts. In the end, I am really happy to not only win, but to start digging myself out of the hole. 10 points is a whole lot better than 22 points. We'll keep working hard to stay up front and plug away at that lead."

Austin Forkner.

Dylan Ferrandis - 2nd
"I can't say it was a bad day because it could've been much worse. I'm a little disappointed to miss the win. I feel like the bad starts cost me the win tonight, but the speed was there and I made a lot of passes. I was really stoked with my physical feeling because I was not tired at any point, my riding was really good and the bike was awesome. We just need to improve on the starts. I don't understand why I'm struggling with the starts right now, but we are working with the team and have made some changes. Now we are three points from first place in the championship – that's the big goal."

Dylan Ferrandis.

Alex Martin - 7th
"Glendale was a tough race for me. A mid-week crash really hurt my chances of being competitive for a podium," said Martin. "I managed to stay consistent enough to grab seventh overall in the Triple Crown format. I'm happy to move on from this one, and I'm looking toward making some changes this week with the team. We'll come out swinging in Oakland."

Alex Martin.

Justin Cooper - 9th
"It was a roller coaster night in Glendale. The track conditions were really tricky and traction was very hard to maintain. I was able to come back with the win in the third Main and hold onto the points lead. We're going take the positives and learn from the mistakes and move on to next weekend and go for the win again."

Justin Cooper.

Christian Craig - 17th
"I was super excited to be back in Glendale. It's where I won a few years ago, and I just love the dirt, stadium and fans there," said Craig. "The whoops were pretty good, too, and didn't break down much, which suits me well. I really felt like it was my night to at least podium if not better. The first Main was pretty good. I got the holeshot then [Austin] Forkner shot me off the track. I was able to make my way up to third from probably seventh or eighth after going off the track. I was pumped on my riding that first main. Second Main, I got a mid-pack start and made my way to probably sixth pretty quickly in the first lap. A bunch of us were going into a corner after the sand and I grabbed my brake a little too hard. So it was just one thing after another."

At the track, Craig was treated for a cut near his eye, and then attention turned to his ailing hand and pinkie. It turns out Craig suffered a fracture in his hand, and that will prevent him from racing the next two races in California. He expects to be fully healthy after the 250SX West season resumes in Seattle on March 28th. 

"I worked hard to be able to race this year, so it sucks honestly," said Craig. "It's clear I can be a front runner which makes me happy but set back after set back gets frustrating. I'll get myself all fixed up and be back in Seattle after East Coast break."

Christian Craig.

Team Personnel

Erik Kehoe - Honda HRC Team Manager
"It was a solid night. Kenny's been getting consistent starts, and I think that's improved his confidence a lot. He's just been able to ride his race the way he wants to, and things are clicking. Brayton had some good things to take away also. He had some solid rides tonight, but he's got to get a little more consistent with his starts to be able to get up there and get that confidence to race with those guys—and he knows he can."

Jordan Troxell - Ken Roczen's Mechanic
"Really good night for us and Ken. Triple Crowns are tough on the riders; it's close to 40 minutes of racing, compared to a normal 20-minute main event. It's tough for us as well, as we have really quick turnarounds—kind of like outdoors; we get back to the truck and pretty much ram-and-jam. We have the normal clutch and tire stuff we do, and after the first race we replaced a header pipe because he and [Zach] Osborne hit. I had to be on it, but luckily there's a lot of good guys here to pitch in and get us to the line every time. Anyway, it was a statement ride for Kenny and a really awesome night."

Brent Duffe - Justin Brayton's Mechanic
"The first Triple Crown of the year went really well. Practice started out slow—Justin just wasn't feeling very spunky this morning—but when it came to race time, he was ready to go. Sixth overall is something to be proud of, as we've improved every week. We need to get a little more consistent with the starts and put him in a better position, but at least he's good at fighting through. There are a lot of positives to take away from the night, and I'm happy with the progress."

Tony Alessi - SmarTop/Bullfrog Spas/MotoConcepts/Honda Team Manager
"The Triple Crown is a tough format because you have three short, high-intensity races. We had about 45-minutes between races to get the bikes prepped and the riders ready," explained Team Manager Tony Alessi. "Malcolm was our top finisher at seventh overall, and his best race score was a fourth place, which was good. Justin Hill was 12th overall and he had a couple of moments where he was close to one of the fastest riders on the track but had a couple of crashes and that held him back. Vince was held back by crashes tonight, too. We're still running strong and will keep forging ahead."

Dustin Pipes - H.E.P. Motorsports Team Manager
"Round 4 is over and done with," said Team Manager Dustin Pipes. "The first Triple Crown of the year and the track was brutal; unfortunately, claiming a couple of our competitors. As a team we are really excited about the progression of Ryan. He continues to have great starts and puts himself in a position to do good. With his work ethic, we think the sky is the limit. It was a testy day for Kyle and Adam, one fell in a transfer position, and the other missed the main by one qualifying position. We have two testing days scheduled this week, and we plan to build from this adversity."

Jeremy Albrecht - JGRMX/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing Team Manager
"It was great to see Alex getting good starts and pushing through his best after crashing hard on Wednesday in practice. It's all part of racing, and we're happy to see improvements each week even being banged up," said Jeremy Albrecht, Team Manager. "Alex is coming to our test facility this week to improve his whoop speed and test some new parts. I believe in Alex and our team to get up on the box soon. Alex busted out the quad in the race, something not many 250 riders were able to do. He tried his best, but he struggled in right hand turns due to his sore leg. Next week he will be in better shape, and I expect better results."

Jim Perry - Monster Energy Yamaha Factory Racing Team Manager
"Tonight in Glendale, Arizona, was a frustrating one for the Monster Energy Yamaha Factory Racing team. Aaron started all three Mains with solid starts, learned a little bit here and there, and got better as the night went on. He finished inside the top 10, which was a step in the right direction, for sure. 

"Justin, on the other hand, suffered poor starts all night, but rode well and rounded out the top five. It's definitely a good rebound from last weekend's performance from both guys. It seemed like the bike was going in the right direction. We learned a couple of things today. We know what we need to work on. We'll head to Oakland next weekend, ready to challenge for a podium and get back on top." 

Wil Hahn - Monster Energy Star Yamaha Racing Team Manager
"It wasn't the night we were hoping for, with Justin getting ninth overall, but I think we salvaged what we could out of it. Dylan rode really well and gained some points in the championship. Justin came around in the final Main and showed what he was capable of and was able to keep the points lead. It's plain and simple – there are some things that we have to work on, but I think it was a positive night overall."

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