Ryno Power Rundown: How, When, and Why 5

Nutrition supplements can be a little intimidating. We talk with Ryan McCarthy about Ryno Power Sports Supplements to make things a little clearer.

For those of you who have been training and using sports nutrition products for a while, it has probably become second nature and part of your usual routine. But for those of us who ride and train with coffee for energy, bananas for potassium, and PB&Js for carbs, it can be confusing and a little scary to look at all the available supplements made specifically for motocross riders. One, if not the biggest players in this field is Ryno Power Sports Supplements, owned by Ryan McCarthy, co-founded with legendary racer and trainer Ryan Hughes.

We talk with McCarthy about how the pros use Ryno Power products and also how the products can benefit the average casual motocross rider. Most of us think that, just with race gas and titanium fasteners, we need to be riding at much higher level to even think about using supplements. And to some extent that is true, but it is also true that, as McCarthy explains, Ryno Power products are about getting proper nutrition. If you are coming off the couch to go ride, something that might reduce your arm pump or help you recover and be less sore isn’t a bad thing. We aren’t confirming anything that McCarthy is saying, because we ourselves haven’t used the products. But we are interested, as some of you probably are, about how they are used and what they are supposed to do. Hopefully this video explains enough so you can possibly start with one or two products to see how they work or compare them with other brands on the market. 



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