Hometown: Marysville, WA

Currently reside in: Corona, CA

Amateur accomplishments:
The biggest one I thing was the Amateur Open. I got like four championships out of five, so that was a good weekend. That was probably the biggest thing because I was always hurt as an amateur and didn't really get to do much until Supercross. Now I'm making up for it, I guess. I destroyed my wrist...I was practicing before Oak Hill's amateur National and they literally almost had to amputate my hand. I had to learn how to use is again. From then on I struggled a bit, but I'm finally getting all the motion back and everthing like that, and it's been going good.


Pro achievements: Probably making the mains consistently. That's been the biggest achievements, I think. Especially with the field so stacked. It's been good. Besides Mike Alessi, I'm the only three-digit guy in the main events, so that's pretty cool. Hopefully I can get a two-digit number next year. That's my goal.

First bike: I think it was a Z50...the ones with the dual rear shocks on it. My dad said, "I'll buy you a bike as soon as you take your training wheels off your bicycle," and the same day I took them off. It took me a while, but the next week he got me a bike, and I started riding.

In my first race, I... I honestly don't remember my first race. I probably crashed a couple times, but I think it was called SIR...kind of a little fair track. I probably got dead last, but it was fun. Now we're here today.

Why do I ride? What is it about motocross that gets me fired up? I don't know. There's no feeling like being on a dirt bike. I've played soccer and baseball and that's just like walking to me. This gets me going, though. Especially every weekend getting to race my first bike and having fun.

If I'm not riding, I'm probably: Playing basketball. Adam Enticknap and I actually play basketball quite a bit. If I'm not riding or training I'm playing basketball, Relfex on X-Box, or something just to kill time.


I'm currently driving: A Toyota Tacoma...1987. That's my track truck. It saves gas instead of a van that takes $100 every other day. That's the current basic ride right now.

Dream vehicle: I don't know if I have a dream vehicle. Maybe to be on a team one day, that's a dream, but the 'yota's doing pretty good so far, so I'll stick to that.

Musical tastes include: I kind of listen to hip-hop and rap to get me flowing. Some country here and there when I'm not riding. Mostly rap before I ride gets me pumped up. Country gets me in the zone and calms me down.

My five must-have apps: I'm not much of a social media guy so I don't have Instagram or Twitter, but I'd probably say Mad Skills, Netflix beccause we're traveling all the time for Supercross. The new GoPro app's pretty cool because after practice I can watch my footage and see what I've been doing or not doing, so that's probably a good one. I don't have too many apps. I'm not much of a phone guy.


Three web sites I can't do without: I always go on Vital MX, probably Vurb Moto, and I think Racer X.

If I were the King of Motocross, I'd change it by... Helping out the privateers more. Giving them more love. Probably because I'm a privateer. Trying to give everyone the same kind of equipment. Make it all even.

Something to make the sport safer would be: It's cool with all the technology like Leatt Braces and all that stuff. But I'd say for the kids coming up the safest way to go is a Leatt Brace. Always wear your helmet, obviously. But a Leatt Brace, chest protector, a kidney belt, all that stuff. Just gear up.

My hidden talent is: I want to say basketball. I've been practicing quite a bit. I might play in the NBA one day, you never know. (Laughs) No, I'm just kidding. Basketball and BMX.

Something that people might not know about me:
Probably that I'm just an easy-going guy. I stick to myself, but I'm easy to talk to. I just treat everyone like I'd like to be treated is the big thing.

If I weren't racing I'd probably: That's a good one. I haven't thought about not racing. Probably throwing a hammer, to be honest. Working for my dad. Hopefully it doesn't come to that and I just keep twisting the throttle.

Gotta thank: TPJ (The Privateer Journey team), DPJ Construction, Milestone, Powered by Naveen, Majik, Bike Life, Yoshimura, Milestone, and my fiancee for sticking behind me, and my great mechanic for keeping the bike together.


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