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Yeah, what is it? A book, DVD, class?

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2018-2019 CRF450R is what I would get.

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Yes we get all the time, this product is great, you should make it for this model, I try to tell them it's not that easy. You didn't even mention the cost of the CAD, FEA, and CAM software, measuring tools, the machines, real world testing, inspection... ... more »

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That's cool, I'll go check them out.

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wait for the 2020, it will be worth it.

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Thanks for featuring Bobryshev's REC MX equipped bike!

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The 2010 Pala National took 3.5 hours to go the last 2 miles to the track at 9:30am, then if you per-purchased reserved VIP parking you where told it was full with no refunds and also had to pay for the standard parking far from the track. That was the ... more »

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Pala had some pretty big jumps in 2010-2011.

... more »
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That sucks, Henry is such a nice guy, glad everyone is ok!

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LACR if you like sand!

Added reply in a thread Oahu supercross 5/11/2019 5:49 PM

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What about Budd's Creek? I am new to the east coast so that is where I'm going this year as it is the closest.

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2nd that!

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4-5 laps on a MX track or 1 lap on an offroad loop (I've done demo days at both). You get up to 4 bikes, no set up (although I have moved the levers). You can come and go as you please, if the line is long for the bike you want to ride, go have a snack ... more »

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I like it, might look better with a white front fender, but looks good.

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How long does it take for them to post the replay? I could not watch the race live this week as it was on at 5pm and was out riding. I tried to watch it at 8:15pm but it was not under replays. It was under the live category but said it concluded.

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I put the front wheel in the wheel chock and kick the back end sideways, then put a 3rd tie down from the handlebar to the rear. Bike is much more solid than straight with just 2 tie downs in the front. Downside is you can't see very good out the back ... more »

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The last time I did the bike in the hotel room was over 20 years ago, but that was because the bike was in a pickup. Enclosed trailers and vans I would not bring in myself. But lock up the bike inside and park close to your hotel room window. Also keep ... more »

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My 1990 RM125

My 1993 RM125 My 1995 RM125 ... more »
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The Monster party was at the Hard Rock last year, you need a wristband to get in.