Ping discusses keeping a similar SX schedule after the lockdown, the importance of having a mentor, and his preferred hypothetical party situation.


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Hey Ping, 

Since SX has started back up with this 7-races-in-3-weeks thing, I haven't heard one rider who dislikes it. In fact, virtually all I have heard is that they think this could be part of the future of the sport. Now, I know you've made some legitimate points against double headers, those same arguments would hold true here, but I'm trying to see some positives. Less travel, less practice injury, shorter season so more time off, maybe even more racing! In a 14-week season, there could be 8 double races, 4 one offs, like Daytona, and 2 weeks off in-between instead of one. This would still shorten the season by a month. 20 races, just have to figure out who gets them! Maybe a rotating system of some sort. Do you think there's any way of making this work? Thanks




Before Covid, I would have told you this was a crazy idea. Now, however, nothing seems crazy. Feld will have to look at a few things to decide their way forward. First, how many fans will they be allowed to have in stadiums? Half, if they're lucky? With that forced loss in revenue, how much could be saved by leaving the dirt in place, rather than change stadiums every single weekend? You could run at half capacity for Friday and Saturday nights, and maybe get back to the same profits of the past. I think the cities that get the double-headers are the ones that have consistently performed the best. It wouldn’t surprise me to see this happen.


Hello to you Ping

How is life for you, your family in these interesting times we all face?? I have to say, I am a big fan of your column and also of The Whiskey Throttle Show that yourself, Donny and GL do. My question is a hypothetical one, but one I am hoping you could provide your thoughts. After watching the show with Robb Beams as the guest and hearing all the great advice Robb was providing, how much of a better athlete could you have been if you had been armed with Robb’s knowledge back in your racing days?? 

Cheers from little old NZ, Allan


We are all good, thanks for asking. I’m afraid none of this nonsense will calm down until after the election in November, so buckle up. Thanks for supporting the show; we have some incredible guests coming up that I’m stoked for folks to see. We ran out to Oklahoma to get shows with Larry Ward and Guy Cooper, both of which are up. This week we made a trip to Utah for two more… stay tuned. 

To answer your question, I believe, unequivocally, that my career would have taken a much steeper trajectory and reached a much higher peak with a guy like Robb guiding me. Riding ability was never the problem for me, it was everything else. I ate terribly, I had no plan behind my training and wasn’t taking proper care of injuries as they happened. A guy like Robb would have been invaluable for all those things. 



You wrap up a podcast, are cruising thru the parking lot when you pause to admire a silver DeLorean parked next to your truck. The driver’s door swings open & out climbs The Man in a pressed orange Team shirt.  You're like " what the......???".  He says, "Ping, let's take a spin in my Time Machine, you've missed some banging parties, you know we like to go hard after snagging titles."  You jump in & see the Destination lever has 3 selections:  1) Herlings - Amsterdam All Access   2) Roczen - Octoberfest Backstage   3) Musquin  - Parlez Vous menage a trois....location unknown.  The Man is ready to get down… where do you choose?

Jerome AR



I love hypotheticals, and this one is a doozy! I’m picturing Roger with a Doc Brown hairdo and crazy eyes, like maybe he’s jacked up on some booger sugar, or an entire pallet of Red Bulls. All three options sound incredible in this imaginary scenario, but why no option for Cooper Webb? I don’t know how it went down in North Carolina after his supercross title, but I’m guessing there were a few Coors Lights involved and plenty of bad decisions. However, we’re playing by your rules here, so I’ll choose one of your three. The French triple play sounds interesting, though it leaves me divorced for sure and possibly having Marvin join the party naked, which is something I’d never be able to unsee. That one’s out. Octoberfest sounds rowdy, but I prefer whiskey or vodka to brew. Plus, between not speaking the language and the lederhosen, it could be weird. That leaves me with Jeffrey and his band of Dutchmen in a town known for prostitution and legal weed. This one would go so hard, but once again leave you divorced and with at least one venereal disease by the time you’re headed home to collect half of your belongings from your former home. You know what, this game isn’t for a 45-year-old guy who is happily married. I’d have to shove RD back in the car, tell him to hit up some of his single friends and shut the door. 


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