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I’ve been off of 250's for a while but the weight of a 450 gets me as I get tired. Are the newer 250's good enough to stay off a 450? It looks like stock, they’re running about 15% more hp than they were 10 years ago, and I’m sure pipe and cam will open a few ponies still.




Unless you are racing at a high level, you’re well over 200 pounds, or you can’t turn your ego off for long enough to make a good decision, there is no reason to buy a 450. The current 250cc bikes are making big horsepower numbers in stock trim and they are much easier to ride, which allows you to ride longer and have more fun in the process. If you still feel like you need more juice, look into a big bore kit for it. With a big bore kit, cam, and exhausts system you have a bike with crazy HP and torque numbers, that is still really easy to control and fun to ride. Make good choices.



Why doesn't Yamaha just remove gears 1-3 on Barcia's bike? Thanks




That’s a valid point. Justin definitely revs the piss out of his bike, and I think most would agree that riding that way is not the most efficient or fastest way to circulate the track. But he’s always been that way and trying to get him to change now would be like asking Kim Kardashian to stop being such a self-indulgent, narcissistic skank. I just don’t think it will happen. I found it interesting that, once provoked by Tomac last weekend, he was able to keep his pace at will. Why doesn’t he always ride that hard? Maybe his mechanic needs to slap him in the face just before the main to piss him off? Despite the contact with Eli, Justin seems to be in a better place than he’s been in a long time and I hope he can keep putting up good finishes. 



Do you think the spread of the Coronavirus will have an impact on race teams moving around the US? I saw where there are travel bans in Europe that have affected GP teams, and a Moto GP race has been cancelled as well. You’re a paramedic, so I thought you might have some insight into the outbreak. Thanks in advance.

Robert D.


The news would have you believe you should head to Costco to buy all the water, ammo, canned food and batteries you can afford and hunker down in the basement of your home until summer. The fact is, the common flu has killed way more people this year (as many as 46,000) than the Coronavirus. Another fact is that unless you are an infant/elderly or you have immune issues, there is very little chance this will kill you. Wash your hands, don’t lick door knobs, and stay out of Wuhan, China and you’ll likely be fine. MERS had a death rate of 34%, SARS was 9.6% and the Novel Coronavirus is about 2%; So why all the hysteria about this outbreak? And to all you ridiculous looking folks wearing surgical masks around… that isn’t doing anything! You might as well just wear your underwear around your head. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be diligent in avoiding transmission, but the media hype is the equivalent of a weatherman acting like he’s being blown off his feet on camera while people walk calmly by in the background. 

I don’t see a scenario where interstate travel gets shut down over this. It’s a little more complex in the EU because you are moving through multiple countries when going from race to race. My guess is that this will all simmer down in a month or two. If, by chance, this virus kills me, please delete my search history and erase this column. Thank you.


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